National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 9


Space Team rushed to work to put the final touch on their posters due later that day. After lunch Team SpaceAero again went over their presentations with Dr. Kankam to ensure everything was perfect for the next day. The RAP session was sandwiched by paper writing. Some of the Space Team worked with LaTeX for the first time, and others contributed to the prototype effort by starting to empty another jar of nutella, with marshmallows. The only thing missing was a container of lard… oh wait… that was there too.


Team Space suited up. Presentations were made to GRC senior management, who all lauded the spacers with compliments such as “Wow, you must have practiced!” As soon as the opportunity presented itself, the Academies shed their extra layers and gathered in that futuristic building of glass and steel, the Ohio Aerospace Institute, where everyone ate pizza until Dr. Sheila Bailey, NASA photovoltaics expert extraordinaire, came to talk about photovoltaics.

Wednesday 07/31

Team Read Your Mind successfully lured suspecting interns into a well-lit room for brain experiments. Later that night, obviously influenced beyond their control, Chris, Jacob, and Kier (along with some Aero) went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to hear a concert by Father John Misty. Experiment success. Meanwhile “Zab,” Nomita, and Denise went to Barroco Grill for some delicious arepas.


In building 3, the co-founder of Priceline gave a talk on how to become innovative. Half price sushi drove most of the SpaceTeam to a tiny sushi bar, where sushi was eaten in great abundance. Leaving the restaurant, someone mentioned ice cream, thereby making everyone want to eat ice cream, so we quenched our hunger and satisfied our appetites multiple times.


Friday was a day that will be forever etched in the minds of SpaceTeam, since this was the day that a submarine was launched in the team”s honor. A sensor package that had been designed and built by the team had been tucked away in a beautiful box made by Dan Meyers of ROV Specialties then put on a submarine called MADI created by a group at the Optical Instrumentation and NDE Branch at Glenn. The entire team went to Burger King- a pre-game must for the famished, and then to a quarry with a floating building in the middle. In this building were a table, couches, and a view of the 90-foot deep quarry into which MADI was diving. The team monitored pressure, temperature and acceleration data as MADI dove to depth and looked around for any unusual objects. MADI dove several times that day to different parts of the quarry. Each time something new was found. After launch, the team went back to work as Dave stayed behind to gut the electronics from the sensor package. The electronics components were to be used later in the launched prototype.

Exhilarated from their trip, most of Team Space went to karaoke to sing many songs, with attendant display of talent. A random woman decided to sing with Team Space for a time, and she was a force to be reckoned with.


The house of other interns hosted a social event, and a few members of the Space Team had a raving good time playing with fire and “laser sword weapons.” Later that night, the conference room buzzed with activity from Spacers doing paper writing and prototype work. They were out of marshmallows, but that didn”t stop anybody from eating poor, defenseless animal crackers in the name of emptying that Nutella jar. After that, the group ordered pizza from Domino”s. Burning candles at both ends, the group stayed up working through the midnight hours, and beyond.


Nathan and a friend explored Cleveland, checking out the Lake View Cemetery and some of the famous buildings associated with it, followed by Little Italy and the local art museum.

“Larry” the propulsion module and “Sally” the sensor module were first cloned, then glued together to perform acrobatic dance moves in the air. Keir, Dave and Chris then tossed them into a pool to test their landing and swimming abilities. The modules held up surprisingly well, and children were intrigued by the peanut butter and Nutella jars filled with electronics swimming about. There were lots of “oohs” and “aahs,” and several exclamations of “How cool!” The group subsequently performed impromptu outreach.

Time was short, however, and everybody piled into cars to visit the Doctors Kankam. Everybody gathered in the living room, marveled at the beauty of the house and the artistic decor, and then proceeded to play musical chairs on the sofas. As the dinner bell rang, everything moved outside, where frisbees and kickballs sailed gracefully through the air, narrowly avoiding causing injury. Dave took multiple frisbees to the head, but somehow he survived. An epic ninja battle ensued. Even Dr. Kankam joined in the fun. Space made use of their geometric abilities to create a human pyramid; Aero used their abilities to create a pile of humans on the ground.

Ever diligent, Team Space returned to the hotel and took over the conference room one more time. The extra great food from Dr. Kankam’s house was to be saved for full meals the next day, so Jacob brought a pizza, baked it, and shared it with the community.