National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 7

Monday, 7/15/2013

Week 7 was upon the Space Team before they knew what hit them. The sun rose high in the sky and left the khaki wearing interns feeling remarkably toasty. Monday consisted of a healthy amount of work with PIs, followed by an early RAP session led by the team’s fearless Space LOM, Jake.  Shortly afterwards, Dave, Chris, and Kier headed down to ROV Specialities to continue sensor integration for the upcoming MADI launch.  It is worth noting that after several weeks of living in Cleveland, these three had enough instincts to successfully make it somewhere without the use of a GPS. Progress was good and spirits were high.  Kier demonstrated his feline Jedi skills by befriending the machine shop cat.

Tuesday, 7/16/2013

Tuesday consisted of more work with PIs, only to be interrupted by an informative presentation on graduate school. This presentation was, for most people, very useful and provided answers and new insights into the adventure that is graduate school. Dave, leader of Team MADI-Sensor-Package-Of-Truth-And-Justice, met with the MADI guys to nail down important details for the MADI launch. In the evening, Team SpaceAero met in the futuristic Ohio Aerospace Institute building to hear words of wisdom from its president, Dr. Mike Heil. There he talked about the state of Ohio and its future in the Aerospace industry. They also filled their stomachs with Domino’s pizza, again. Later, the prototype was pushed closer to its goal by Dave, the lone wolf working hard in the night.

Wednesday, 7/17/2013

Wednesday started with a fruitful morning of useful PI work. Right after lunch, all of the interested people attended a talk about the different fellowships available through NASA to pay for graduate school through the Space Technology Research Grant. The Academites met in the cushy Building 3 conference room to have a video call with the Skybox corporation. The advanced videocalling computer software made this technologically painless, and the call went through with no problems on either end. While the Ames Academy was treated to a pleasant meal, some of the Glenn interns used their noses to sniff out the snacks hidden in their own building.

Thursday, 7/18/2013

An early morning departure time for Team SpaceAero allowed for an arrival in Dayton right around lunch time. Following a quick bite to eat, all vehicles congregated at gate 1A 8A 2A 12A in order to get checked in for visitor passes.  This was a smooth, trouble-free process, and soon Team SpaceAero was on their way and treated to tours of the pulse detonation engine lab, some awesome lasers, and a heat transfer lab. Captain Easterday wowed everyone with his ability to talk and walk backward at the same time. The Academites proceeded to tour the National Museum of the United States Air Force, where they saw an SR-71, a B-2, and many other impressive aircraft, rockets, and pieces of aerospace history. Before parting ways, Team Space and Team Aero had dinner together at a quaint little Mexican restaurant.

Friday, 7/19/2013

Like most good days, the day began productively with more PI work. Several from the Academy attended an informative space technology talk on ion propulsion. Team “We Can Read Your Mind” attended a presentation by Dr. Scott Peltier on his work at the University of Michigan on Functional MRI and state classification. This presentation was directly followed by a presentation by Team “We Can Read Your Mind,” given to Dr. Peltier, on their work being done with cognitive state monitoring at Glenn. Team Space spent most of the afternoon in Building 49’s conference room and in Team Robot’s lab, doing useful work on the group project prototype. Since the evening was otherwise unspoken for, the Academy men watched a Wes Anderson movie, Moonrise Kingdom, which provided laughs and deep thinking on the part of everyone who watched. When that proved not to be enough Wes Anderson, the movie night continued with Fantastic Mr. Fox, until it was no longer a movie night but a movie morning, complete with henna and RWBY. As a brief interlude between films, Jake, Chris and Kier went to the pool for a refreshing dose of synchronized swimming.

Saturday, 7/20/2013

Saturday was a lazy day for most of Team Space and a couple trips to the gym and Starbucks were made.  Kier and Elizabeth went to Home Depot, where an employee profiled Elizabeth as someone looking for curtains or carpet, rather than marine grease.  Significant headway was made on all fronts of the prototype. Chris, Kier, Nikhil, and AeroLOM Kyle headed downtown to get to know some natives of downtown Cleveland. Chris, Kier and Nikhil then met with Denise and most of Team Aero at Brothers Lounge for some live summertime music. Nathan went to the infamous intern house to compose his own music with his trusty guitar.

Sunday, 7/21/2013

A few of the Academites (Anthony, Kier, Nikhil, Nathan and their chaperone, Jacob) drove to the neighboring state of Pennsylvania. To pass the time, they used their code-breaking and movie trivia skills along the way, although some people played dirty. After the Skybox incident, they were used to signing away their rights, so the skydiving forms were quickly filled out. Note, however, that one of the stipulations that they signed was that nobody could speak badly of the paperwork. After a short delay, the plane went up with the Academites in it, and came down without them inside. The interns, now dubbed Team Jump Out Of Planes, had done the unthinkable—cart-wheeling through the air at terminal velocity, viewing the beauty of Earth and having the willpower to breathe along the way. All survived the experience. Nothing can top that.