National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 6

Monday 07/08

Interns from across the Glenn Research Center gathered for the Asteroid Retrieval Mission discussion, eagerly awaiting a talk by Richard Manella about just how to retrieve asteroids, an interesting hobby for anyone to pick up. They waited and waited and waited (for about 40 minutes) before realizing that their anticipation was in vain and there was, in fact, to be no presentation that day. That evening, Team Space (a.k.a. Space Team) met to discuss the preparation for their upcoming midterm presentation and plan the endeavors for the upcoming week. Just prior to this meeting Elizabeth and Denise discovered their shared love of meowing, an action which both had repressed due to fear of freaking others out.

Tuesday 07/09

The day was a busy one full of tours for some and preparation on behalf of all the teams and Team Space for the upcoming midterm presentations. Much of the day and evening was spent assembling slides (thanks in large part to Nikhil). Afterwards, Nikhil took a much needed break to attend the Eagles concert downtown with Aero Andrew. Many of us were jealous.

Wednesday 07/10

The team and group presentations were submitted! Finally, the hours of powerpointing had come to an end and all that remained was to practice the speech. In the evening, Tom Benson came to speak with the Academites again, and he brought along a great surprise! To no one’s real surprise, he had a lot to say. He was determined to convince us that our generation would be the next to propel the future of space exploration. Before finishing the presentation, Benson unveiled the moon rock and it was admired by all!

Thursday 07/11

During the day, many of Team AeroSpace got to attend the 10 x 10 ft supersonic wind tunnel tour, by far the most interesting tour yet, and learned that no one (at Glenn) had ever died by being stuck in the vacuum chamber of the wind tunnel (yet). In the afternoon, IEEE sponsored a delicious picnic for the interns, followed by frantic practice on Team Space’s part for the presentation the next morning. After a couple of hours of practice, Team Space was convinced it could deliver a stunning and well-executed performance and dispersed to practice yet more in individual teams.

Friday 07/12

With great anticipation, the interns gave their midterm presentation reports. Team Venus, Team We Can Read Your Mind, Team Robot, and Team Titanic all did a great job! Everyone headed to Jersey Mike’s afterwards and ate delicious (while overpriced, untoasted, and not-as-good-as-Subway) subs. All these teams then attended an interesting talk about NewSpace given by distinguished lecturer Dr. Thomas Markusic, Vice President of Propulsion for Virgin Galactic. His amusing first joke caught the whole room off guard. We’re as yet unsure if he generated that one on his own while in a teenage mindset or got it from someone else, or perhaps heard it from someone else and forgot how it went. At the end of the presentation, Chris’s long list of questions caught Dr. Markusic off guard, but he rallied to answer all of them. The interns hastily grabbed and ate cookies on their way out. They proceeded to building 333 to learn about Glenn’s flywheel program, a good end to a successful and busy day. A few hours later, Rebecca/Nomita’s birthday dinner at Wild Mango commenced. Some of the group subsisted on salads due to the price, but the atmosphere was very nice and overall was a fun dinner. Team AeroSpace-Girls assumed the role of Charlie’s Angels, Charlie being anyone wearing Nathan’s sunglasses and not named Charlie. Afterwards a group of Academites (i.e. Denise, Chris, Nikhil, Rebecca, Nomita, Elizabeth, Raul and Nathan) plus Charlie (from Cuba) and Jackie (of intern house “infamous-and-spunky”) went salsa dancing. It was great fun for everyone, including those who had never danced before (Elizabeth) and the interns were treated to a dazzling show of talented dancing by Denise and “The Fedora Guy” just before leaving.

Saturday 07/13

This was a lazy carefree day for most! In the morning, Kier, Nikhil, Chris, and Denise took a trip to the Farmer’s Market. Some of the interns from Team AeroSpace went to the beach for the afternoon while others remained blissfully lazy for the entire day. Chris, Nathan, and Kier (plus Danny and Peter from Team Aero) visited the “infamous-and-spunky” interns’ house to play guitar and hang out with other infamous and spunky interns. Elizabeth did not emerge from her pajamas until 8 pm when she finally made it to the gym.

Sunday 07/14

The Space Team split into two cars, “Car Jacob” and “Car Nathan,” and raced to the world’s greatest amusement park: Cedar Point (though, as we’re informed, it’s just the roller coasters that are the best in the world and it is different from both an amusement and a theme park, we just lack a better word). Upon arrival, LOM Jacob ran to his favorite ride, the Millenium Force, while everyone else from “Car Jacob” (Elizabeth, Denise, Chris and Matt) struggled to keep up. After a couple super-fun rides, Elizabeth and Denise got separated from the group by food and Team Aero’s schedule. After getting back on track to seek out the biggest and best roller coasters in the park, everyone cheered up and the day was an exciting and happily exhausting one. Also, Elizabeth won a minion, which she would like to introduce to all and get your input for names. Meanwhile, Nikhil and some of Team We-Can-Read-Your-Mind plus Team We-Can-Read-Your-Mind’s building mate Todd went golfing, at which they all excelled despite lack of experience.