National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 5

Monday 07/01

The start of a wonderful week for all. Team Space had their daily group meeting and RAP session.

Tuesday 07/02

Team SpaceAero went to building 301 to witness the testing of space engines. We saw a Hall thruster being tested in one of the large vacuum chambers and entered another, even larger chamber (the size of a house) used for testing spaceship solar arrays. Nobody was left behind and freeze-dried, thus it was deemed a success. After work, Team Venus met with Team Landis-Turzillo (Dr. Landis and his wife) for a team meeting. They discussed the team’s progress and their collective knowledge of science fiction and star trek. Team Prototype visited the machine shop.

Wednesday 07/03

Max (of Team Aero) had his 21st birthday celebration at the infamous interns house complete with bonfire and hot tub. Games were played, including a battle of the sexes, between Team XX and Team XY. Team XY was victorious, but everyone had a good time, thus it was deemed a success. Also, Team Space anticipated the long weekend with great excitement!

Thursday 07/04

Happy Fourth of July! Team Space went their separate ways. Elizabeth to the eastern shore. Denise to Niagara Falls. Nikhil to Houston……and Team Everyone Else enjoyed the fabled hospitality of Family Jacob. Roaring fireworks, malt beer (for those of age), ripe meat off the bone. Afterwards, a breathtaking series of explosions in the sky were witnessed over Lake Erie. A run-of-the-mill fireworks show became spectacular as the Grand Finale turned night into day (the street lights turned off, sensing what they thought was bright sunlight), then once again lit up the night while a certain Aero Team member was in the loo, having prematurely judged the exhibition complete.

Friday 07/05

LOM Jacob and girlfriend went to Austin. David and wife went to Ann Arbor. Kier went to Toronto for Warped Tour. Chris and wife (along with, independently, other Academites) went to Cleveland’s West Side Market (complete with octopus). Team Aero plus ChrisKim went to a concert by Kyle’s friend’s band Bethesda, a sort of folksie indie band, playing at the beautiful Cleveland Museum of Art and discovered the Algebra Tea Shop in Little Italy.

Saturday 07/06

After Chris discovered the Antichipotle (Ohio City Burrito) attempted to make a Prince Rupert’s Drop (out of molten glass) but to no avail, amazing salsa dancing!….Team Aero Nomi Ta, Rebecca (and significant other Anthony–of no relation to Space Anthony), Peter, Kyle, and Raul, and from Team Space Nathan, and Chris, and Team Spacewife Kimberly started a nuclear war (on the dance floor). In spite of the lack of steel-toed shoes, no foot bones were crushed, thus it was deemed a success.

Sunday 07/07

All the Space Academites returned to Cleveland; loved ones left for their respective homes. At night, five Aero and Space cadets screamed for ice cream. With 10 minutes left till closing, the adventurers raced to the land of ice cream and were rewarded with sweet, cold, and delicious ice cream and a working model train.