National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 3

“Space Team…. We are on the space team…”

Monday 6/17/2013

Monday, a day of limitless possibilities… and summer tour sign-up day. The webpage did not go live until 12 o’clock noon, but rumors stated the website might accept reservations early. Thus, interns all across Glenn were sitting at their computers all morning furiously clicking the refresh button, hoping to be the first ones in and ensuring a spot on the tours. Meanwhile, a select few noticed a glitch in the matrix and were able to glean a method of early enrollment. Team Venus (Nathan, Denise, and Chris) and one Aeronaut (Nomita) were the chosen ones. The website went live exactly at 12 o’clock noon, much to the excitement of all… and then died within minutes. Amazing what a concentrated effort can do!

Tuesday 6/18/2013

Team Space met early Tuesday with Mike Krasowski as he went over the submersible robot (MADI) he and his lab members had created in their free time. The possibility of using the submersible for a Titan probe analogue (the Group Team Project) was discussed at length. Later that evening, James Nessel had a talk with both Academies about adaptive RF communications for deep space. That night Team Electronics (Chris, Nikhil, Anthony, and Dave) got together, took a light intensity measurement, and interfaced with an Arduino. Anthony displayed his Linux coding prowess by interfacing with Chris’ microcontroller platform and graphing the output of the test sensor. This was the first test of its kind in preparation for the full sensor package, pieces of which should start arriving within the next few weeks. Kier made the first rough patch design, consisting of Saturn, Titan and the Space Academy logo.

Wednesday 6/19/2013

Today Team Robot in the Basement learned that anything was possible. Learning of Anthony’s need and desperate want of a pony, their mentor gave Anthony a glorious steed; a pink and purple My Little Pony. Perhaps not quite what Anthony was looking for; but request filled nonetheless. Kier won a wiki race of Galileo to Glitter, although the official rules of the Wiki Race remain hotly contested to this day. After work Nathan, Elizabeth, and Jacob went rock climbing at a local climbing wall.

Thursday 6/20/2013

Laser tag! Team Aero and Team Space combined to be the largest laser tag team ever assembled. Other teams quaked in fear. Denise charged fearlessly into battle, right into the upheld laser gun of an opponent. It cost her two front teeth (soon repaired), but she helped claim a glorious victory this day. As a last alliance of space and aero, playing as Team AeroSpace, the enraged laser warriors systematically destroyed the other teams’ bases, scoring enough points to secure victory and avenge their fallen comrade. What we do in life echoes in eternity!

Friday 6/21/2013

Friday morning started out with research time with mentors. At 1:00 pm every single one of the Space Academites reported promptly for a group meeting. Team Prototype (Kier, Elizabeth, Dave, and Anthony) and Team Research (Nathan, Denise, Chris, and Nikhil) talked about their project goals. Team Prototype decided to start experimenting with peanut butter jars for modular structure design, and looked into aquatic sensors. It was decided that everyone needed to start eating peanut butter to ensure mission success. A surprise donor was revealed, who volunteered his old GPS and fishfinder for the benefit of science. Team Prototype was ecstatic that there was yet another thing they could take apart. Additional parts were ordered for mobility. Dave and Chris left the meeting early to go see MADI, and met with Larry Greer who told them more about deep-water structures and sensor interfaces for the submarine.

Denise received a well-earned 3D-printed tooth trophy for her battleground valor. In the spirit of her victory, Team Space watched Gladiator that night, during which popcorn and candy necklaces were eaten VERY silently.


This was not a sleep-in Saturday day. Somewhat bewildered and blurry-eyed, Team Space and Justin Timberlake (Team Space-JT) emerged from their rooms for an early drive to the ferry that would take them to Put-in Bay. At their destination awaited two majestic golf carts, both of which backfired as they carried their passengers to the next location. A giant cairn was made on the rocky shore, as most of the team skipped rocks across the bay. With an abundance of rocks at her disposal, Denise went from novice to practiced expert in minutes. Canada claimed the territory with their wireless signal, but Team Space-JT prevailed. Their monument created, Team Space-JT set off to Fort AMAZE’n, where Jacob dominated putt-putt golf with his tricky water hazards. Utterly famished by the strenuous activity, Team Space-JT had lunch on the beach, where Chris found half a pound of fresh boysenberries and promptly shared them with anyone, mostly Chris, who would eat them. Chocolate, ice cream, cold beverages, and shade were all employed to beat the midday heat. Air conditioning was used at the Perry Memorial, where Team Space-JT learned about the war of 1812. The ride back to the ferry consisted of caravanning via golf cart with other tourists, who were more than happy to high-five each other as they passed one another on the road.

Later that night, some of Team Space-Aero went to a BBQ. Here, Chris learned of his celebrity doppelgänger and Space Team Level 9 was reached with 4 players. In spite of the best efforts of the LOM to establish a balance between work and life, Team Space talked with other Glenn interns about work for most of the night. Kier revealed the Team Space patch design by Amanda, a fellow intern, and was applauded by all.


Sunday was a day of rest for Team Space. Kier, Nikhil, Anthony and Dave played a game of Catan. In an extraordinary show of manliness, Jake and Dave had a fake game of football down the hallway. However, no one quite knows how or why- not even the ones involved.