National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 10

Monday 8/5/13

In the blink of an eye, the last week was here. Monday began with a healthy amount of PI time as the Academites worked towards finalizing their research for Friday. Also during the day was the Glenn poster session, where research on a multitude of interesting topics was presented. After work, the Academites continued work on the prototype in preparation for its launch, pausing only for an ice cream run to Mitchell’s and to pull an epic prank on LOMmy Jacob, customizing his computer’s personal settings around the voice and likeness of a certain superhero. To smooth things over, the Academites presented Jacob with his going away present early, an abundance of disc golf discs (including a putter called TiTANIC), and all was once again right with the universe.

Tuesday 8/6/13

Tuesday was a full day of PI work and much progress was made towards a final project. Directly following work, the full prototype was launched in the sister-hotel’s pool to prove itself seaworthy. The launch was successful and the CONOPS was executed multiple times, filmed and photographed along the way. In preparation for launch, a full blown nerf war was had. Jacob went swimming one last time before, sadly, leaving the Academites to fend for themselves for a few days. Somehow, Kier was left in charge as “acting LOM.”

Wednesday 8/7/13

Wednesday marked the beginning of the big push to finish a summer’s worth of research. After a full day of virtually uninterrupted PI time, the Academites adjourned to the hotel conference room where they worked on team reports, the group report, and the final presentation, fueled by pizza and caffeine.

Thursday 8/8/13

Thursday was much like Wednesday, with a brief interlude to partake in the Glenn summer closing event. Dave and Anthony got there early and were sure to remind everyone else to be on time. After work, Nathan, Kier, Danny from Aero, and their fearless leader, Zab (Elizabeth), ran a 5 mile relay at Glenn. They competed against many other NASA teams and had a great time. Nathan wishes he had run one more mile but he almost certainly would have died trying. Delicious watermelon and bananas were had, and the racers thank Anthony, Dave, and Nikhil for cheering them on. Afterwards, the Academites took over the dining room and free wifi at an overpriced, franchised sandwich shop to work on reports…at least until the staff threatened to turn off the lights.

The night was filled with very little sleep as final touches were made on all reports and the presentation, but before it was over, Kier and Nathan had unveiled the outreach video and much of the work was, at last, complete. There was even time left for Nikhil and Dave to get a solid one hour nap.

Friday 8/9/13

Last day of the Academy: All teams worked towards final edits and making their reports as pristine as possible, and both academies presented their work in the ad building to a full crowd. Special thanks to SpaceLOM Jake for the chipotle and for coming back to see us off, and to the Ladies of Space, Denise and Elizabeth, for providing the final push to get everything finalized and turned in. For dinner, the Academites ended where they started — at Macaroni Grill. Although this time, it was a family that had dinner together.

Saturday 8/10/13

Until next time, TiTANIC. 1… 2… 3… HUYGENS!