National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 1

Sunday: So it begins. One summer to rule them all. After many emails, Fearless Leader Jacob was ready to receive the anxious academites. Jacob started playing taxi around 11:00 AM. He picked up Denise, Dave, Nikhil and Anthony from the airport before handing his car off to Kyle to pick up the aeronauts. The remaining 4 Space Cadets, including Nathan, Kier, Chris and Elizabeth, braved the long journey on the roads of various states. All of the interesting interns finally came to journey’s end in one of the greatest states in the country. While they waited for others to arrive, some interns played video games and browsed Jacob’s movie collection. Elizabeth completely owned Dave and Anthony in Battle Royale without any help from Jacob whatsoever. Once assembled, the group headed to Macaroni Grill for food, wine, a raspberry smoothie thingy (for Anthony), and much dreaded social interaction. After a stunningly appropriate performance of Defying Gravity from Wicked by the manager (I think), the group returned to the hotel to prepare for their first week of work. Jacob, Nikhil and Kier watched the worst episode of anything ever.

Monday: Waking up too early and then having to sit through hours of orientation is a good mix for a nap. After a few nice pictures around NASA and the orientation, the interns were claimed by their mentors. From what I hear, it was a pretty good first day. Both Aero and Space but not aerospace gathered to hear a speech about sequestration followed by a presentation on the Academies. Everyone left happy because of free NASA stuff. The group then returned to Extended Stay America. From there they visited the gym while Jacob went for a run. They returned to discuss their group project in Jacob’s room.

Tuesday: The first full day of work for the group. Jacob was much delayed in picking up Anthony and Dave, which cost them a trip to the gym. Nathan had suggested a most excellent alternative to the gym, and at six, Jacob, Nathan, Kier, Dave and Anthony left for the Frisbee (ultimate) field. The intention was to just toss the disc around, but it turned out that it was ultimate day for a large group of NASA employees. After learning the basics of ultimate, the Space Slingers joined various teams. Nathan was alone on one field but was in a pretty even match. Meanwhile, Jacob, Anthony and Dave laid waste to the unfortunate Kier and his allies. Everyone returned to meet again for the group project in Jacob’s room.

Wednesday: Taxi time for Jacob again. While Jacob drove the academites to their badging and the brown bag lunch, he went to the front gate 5 times and the back gate 3 times. The brown bag lunch was a great opportunity to get to know some of the other interns around NASA and to take a longer break from work. Upon returning to the hotel, there were more meetings about the group project.

Thursday: After another eventful day at work, Jacob headed home for a few hours to get sleeping bags while the interns visited the gym and met to discuss their group project presentation. Jacob came late to the meeting and saw that everything was going great.

Friday: Presentation day. The interns returned to NASA in their fairly formal wear to be made fun of by the “higher ups” of NASA. After a half a day of work, they met in a series of conference rooms prior to the proposal presentation. After more words on sequestration, the presentations began. TITANIC and PISTOL both made their debut. PISTOL made a strong showing, but I like TITANIC for having the goal of actually building something. Both projects are extremely interesting and I foresee an exchange of ideas going on between both Aero and Space. Space headed to the 100th Bomb Group for a few drinks and no presentations by a guy from NASA Dryden. After seeing that it was mostly just drinks, the interns opted for CHIPOTLE near the movie theater. There was a bit of confusion on the road, resulting in Nathan and Dave enjoying dinner at the B Spot instead (amazing burgers). After dropping Anthony off at Barnes and Noble, the interns paid an outrageous amount of money to watch the outrageously funny Intenrship. Nikhil liked the previews more than the actual movie, and some interns might have thought Lionel reminded them of Jacob a little too much. The group picked up Anthony and then returned to the hotel to rest for Secret Saturday.

Saturday: With some invaluable help from Nathan and his printer, J&K revealed the secret plans. A scavenger hunt spanning Cleveland and the surrounding areas. The interns were divided into teams (insert Indian accent). To their surprise (some saw it coming), we mixed Aero and Space. While Jacob and Kyle sat around the hotel, the interns went on all sorts of adventures. An Indian Physician’s Wedding Conference was snuck into, and some Crocker Park chairs were sat in. The NASA name was used to get onto the USS Cod, and many other adventures were had. The hunt came to a close at the slightly pricey Hard Rock Café. Later that night, there was a crazy party in Jacob’s room. Catan was played (Dave won) while Troy was watched, while chess was played and helicopters were flown.

Sunday: A day of rest. There was a short meeting for the group project. A few people went to Fathead’s Brewery for some beer tasting while Jacob took his girlfriend to see Now You See Me. Another game of Catan: Cutthroat Edition was played with Jacob emerging victorious. A much delayed episode of Game of Thrones was watched by multiple people in multiple rooms with multiple routers with multiple bags of popcorn and a few glasses of wine.