National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Nathan John Boll

Nathan John Boll

Nathan John Boll

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
Ph.D. in AOSS, 2017

University of Montana Western
Dillon, MT
B.S. in Mathematics, 2013

NASA Academy Research Project:
Venus Exploration

Principal Investigators:
Dr. Geoffrey Landis and Anthony Colozza

Hometown: Wasilla, Alaska


I firmly believe that the future of science and technology, indeed of all mankind, lies in developing the ability to live sustainably on the Earth and beyond, and that the advances which will allow us to survive in such a way will require the extensive exploration and understanding of our local planetary system and universe. It is therefor our duty, both collectively and individually, to pursue the means of this exploration, and it is my life’s mission to actively assist in the evolution of our knowledge.


Having been awarded a B.S. in Mathematics at the University of Montana Western in the spring of 2013, I will begin a Ph.D. program in Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences at the University of Michigan’s Rackham School of Engineering in the fall. This program will incorporate guidance and controls, aerospace engineering, and remote sensing for small satellites (CYGNSS) with additional emphasis on space policy and systems engineering. At the time of my enrollment, I will have completed the NASA Space Academy at the Glenn Research Center (2013) and an internship at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Planetary Science Division (2012).


The strength of an individual is greatly increased by participating in a broad variety of outside interests. In addition to my work in space sciences, I have been a professional musician and composer, an athletic trainer and player/coach for collegiate rugby, and an avid world traveler. I have also volunteered with various government and nonprofit organizations for

ecological studies and invasive species removal projects, and I have been an active member of the student government. My hobbies include cryptography, 3D printing, and glassblowing.


It is my intention to pursue a career with NASA in the development and execution of its mission, while working to eventually take on a leadership role within the administration. I have sought out, and will continue to pursue, additional training in this area. I also intend to return, eventually, to the realm of academia in order to share the knowledge I will have gained with future generations of explorers. The opportunities provided to me by my college professors and NASA mentors have been invaluable, and I want to provide the same for others.