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Anthony James Bentley

Anthony James Bentley

Anthony James Bentley

University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
M.S. in Computer Engineering, 2014

NASA Academy Research Project:
Secure Autonomous Data Mule Project

Principal Investigators:
Dr. Dennis Iannicca and Alan Hylton

Hometown: Datil, NM


Wide availability of computers and communication networks has caused a phenomenal increase in sharing and collaboration. I’ve been struck by the success of the Internet in allowing possibilities and relationships to form that were previously impossible. I believe in the benefits provided by a culture of open information and collaboration between scientific, creative minds.


This fall I will be starting the second year of my Master’s degree in Computer Engineering. My focus is on computer architecture, reconfigurable computing, and FPGAs. As an undergraduate I majored in Electrical Engineering, which provided me with a broad overview of different engineering topics. Graduate school has given me a chance to focus on the particular subjects that I found myself enjoying the most while working on my Bachelor’s degree.


Many of my hobbies overlap with my studies. I like to develop free, open-source software, to benefit a larger community and in turn receive benefit from others. I am also a fan of preservation and reverse engineering of old computing platforms, like home computers or video game consoles. Discovering how industry has created technology in the past is its own kind of detective work, and provides a rewarding rush of “so that’s why they did that!”. I also enjoy teaching and tutoring, and spend a lot of time helping younger students in classes or on fun engineering projects.


After I finish graduate school, I would like to go into industry as a change of pace. My previous internship at Boeing, developing reconfigurable chips in visual tracking systems, felt like work that made an impact and broadened my technical mind and experience. However, I enjoy teaching enough that I have also been considering lecturing or long-term research in an academic context.