National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 8

Em Am
Am C
Am C

Am C
Em Am
Am C

At the Space Academy
Building the Dropsonde Free
Flying all around
Listen to their sound! :||

Verse 1: Monday, July 23rd

Monday, was quite boring
Didn’t do that much
Presentations practiced
and brains all turned to mush

Chute was reorderd
Despite being lost
More code was written
And drawings that were boss!

Verse 2: Tuesday, July 24th

The Academites worked real hard
For the poster to be due
Then Molly ditched us all that night
And everyone felt blue

A talk followed after work
About the Ares 1-X
Kish and Nate went away
For more sonde wrecks

Verse 3: Wednesday, July 25th

This guy who was from Britain
Told us all a lot
About our own environment
And how it might get hot

He said it might be manmade
Though it could be what we got
We still want people fixing it
Because why not?

Either way we need to
Improve our energy
It’s definitely worth it
To save humanity

The parachute was dropped again
With a lot of glee
Off the top of a hotel
And not into a tree

Verse 4: Thursday, July 26th

Parachute testing
Was “great success”
Jacob dropped the parachute
And it was all a mess

The Space kids then scrambled
To meet the deadlines
Finished posters and PowerPoints
That consumed their whole time

Some of the Academites
Met with Mister Mac
Our new LOM was called “Nathan”
But he didn’t fight back

Verse 5: Friday, July 27th

Friday started normally
With some NASA work
Later came Niagara
And camping in the dirt

Presentations happened
But no-one came to see
People left quite often
In complete misery

Spencer’s car needs fixing
He took it to a shop
They found a bust transmission
It will cost quite alot :(

After the long car ride
They set up their tent
Had some laughs
Bonding time was spent

Spencer took some video
That was hours long
A parting gift for Molly
Just like this song

Verse 6: Saturday, July 28th

Today brought exploring
In our homeland
Caves that were not made of rock
And ponchos that were bland

Breakfast at Tim Hortons
Filled us with much glee
As Kirsti and Spencer
said that it would be

302 left 110
To do their own thing
Boat rides were taken
And museums were boring

110 learned first hand
What the boat names mean
A girl named Lelawala
Was an angsty teen

302 went venturing
To find an awesome trail
They stopped to play in shallow water
And nearly went to jail

Dinner was at Hard Rock
110 had to wait
For almost an hour
Before they all ate

Sammy and Gina
Left to do their thing
The rest went to Canada
And some went gambling

Kirsti and Spencer
Went to the Hard Rock
Heard some lovely music
And drank awesome pop

Kirsti thought the drummer
Looked quite alot
Like a certain batman
Though he totes did not

After losing Blackjack
They started heading home
But some dude at the border
Mixed up where they’re from

Verse 7: Sunday, July 29th
Jacob and Nathan
Went on a hiking trail
Or more likely
They were chasing tail

Spencer and Kirsti
Went behind the falls
It was really cool
To walk those long halls

Sammy and Gina
Hung out with their friend
Then reunited with the rest
And the trip had to end