National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 7

Monday, July 16th


Monday was boring
Someone tried to join the group,
But then he was banned.


Most people relaxed.
Some of the Academy
Went contra dancing.

Tuesday, July 17th

During work, the Academites were given the opportunity to present to Deputy Director Free and Upper Management about the small team projects being conducted this summer. The RAs presented well and, with the last of the oral presentations under their belt, they settled down to get some real work done.

The productive streak was interrupted by a mishap in Molly’s scheduling, which lead the RAs to show up for a non-existant lunchtime lecture. Being highly resourceful NASA engineers, the students used the lunch break to conduct a very productive group project meeting.

After work, some of the RAs chose to brave the scorching heat and play ultimate Frisbee in the park with other NASA interns and employees. After the game, the heat-exhausted joined the air-conditioned to begin a Batman movie marathon to prepare the RA’s for the much anticipated The Dark Knight Rises premiere on Thursday. The marathon began with Batman Begins, the first movie in the trilogy.

Wednesday, July 18th

The ballistics tour was really fun.
Moldy gelatin for everyone.
An hour-long line for gyros; what a pain!
And fun line games in the rain.

Then, oh my stars, who should drive
Around Houston, Texas when we arrive?!
Such serious matters with high complexity
Befuddled the NASA Academy.

The sight at the picnic was nothing less than obscene
When Jacob proved to be a pie-eating machine.
Molly was obviously not trying to compete
And Daniel’s face had more filling than he managed to eat.

The second Batman movie was then watched by few
While some of the RAs broadened their world view.

Thursday, July 19th

The morning began, as usual, with copious amounts of email messages concerning the parachute material chosen. The group project led the group into a deep discussion of legislature on both the regional and national level. However, few conclusions were reached.

That day the RAs attended a tour of the Simulated Lunar Operations (SLOPE) Facility. There they learned about the wheels developed at NASA Glenn for operations on the lunar and Martian surfaces. The RAs were allowed to play with the simulant, or the simulated lunar and Martian dust. Samira decided to sit on top of one of the large wheels used in a rover to test the flexibility of the wheel. Unfortunately, she could get down from her high perch, and the RAs had to use teamwork to help her down.

After the Academites finished work on Thursday, Kathleen, Nathan and Spencer embarked on parachute testing drops. The parachute team scouted out the area, performed some brief construction and engineering on the dropsonde to get it in optimal condition and headed for the bridge. Kathleen waded into the raging Rocky River and waited for the drops to begin. The tests went smoothly, confirming the excellent engineering capabilities of the Academy, and gave the parachute team excellent data for the flight hardware team.

Later that evening, Spencer, Jacob, Jacob’s girlfriend Dana, Brian, Kirsti, Kathleen and Nathan went to the movie theater absurdly early to secure an excellent place in line for the The Dark Knight Rises midnight premiere. Dairy Queen was enjoyed and games were played. Jacob, dressed as Batman, impressed all. After the movie, the tired RAs traveled back to Homestead Studio Suites for a lovely few hours of sleep.

Friday, July 20th

In the morning Gina, Samira, and Molly went to work at the usual time and the rest of the group followed an hour later. A few of the RAs attended a tour of the 10x10ft Supersonic Wind Tunnel that morning. At lunch, the group convened for a productive group project meeting. After work, Jacob, Gina, Spencer, and Kirsti ate some delicious burritos from Chipotle. Kathleen and Nathan explored future testing sites for parachute drop testing. That evening, Jacob and Molly went rock climbing, while a few RAs convened in Molly’s room to relax.

Saturday, July 21st

The next morning Kathleen and Nathan conducted parachute testing; Molly and Jacob went to the Irish Musical Festival; and Spencer, Brian, and Kirsti stayed in the hotel. After a productive afternoon of testing, Kathleen and Nathan joined Molly, Jacob, and a few Aero RAs at the local Irish Musical Festival. After enjoying the Irish food, music, and children’s crafts thoroughly, all Academites met at Dr. Kankam’s house for a great evening.

Dr. Kankam and his wife opened their doors to the Space and Aero Academy students for dinner. A delicious dinner of an incredible amount and variety of food was prepared by Mrs. Kankam. Everyone feasted and had an awesome evening! Most RAs headed back to Homestead Studio Suites to sleep off the long day. Molly and a few of the Aero RA’s tested their coordination by Salsa dancing in downtown Cleveland.

Sunday, July 22nd

The Academites woke up early to continue the weekend of feasting at Jacob’s house. After a beautifully prepared brunch with the Poldruhi family, everyone was happy, full, and ready for a day of fun at Hinckley Lake in the Cleveland Metroparks, except for Brian and Spencer who hate fun and went home. Jacob, Molly, and Kirsti rented water crafts to explore the small lake, Kathleen and Nathan went on runs through the park, and Gina read 8 pages of her book. Kirsti and Gina headed home and the rest of the group went up to Whipp’s Ledges for some hiking/scrambling/rock climbing. The RAs were joined by Daniel R. and explored nooks and crannies in the rocks, finding an interesting cave. On the way home, Nathan, Jacob and Molly stopped at Jacob’s home to explore the wooded area behind Jacob’s house. That evening everyone rested up and Nathan saw the most beautiful fireworks that human eyes have ever witnessed.