National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 6


Molly managed to confuse the 302ers (mostly Samira) with her misprint on when the Dr. DiCarlo talk was, making us believe it was on Monday at 8:30. The 302ers proceeded to bombard Molly with emails, texts, and calls until they received an answer. The work day continued uneventfully for all but Molly and Spencer, who travelled to West Salem, OH to rescue the wounded Windstar. On the drive back, however, due to unfortunate circumstances, the exact same issue that crippled the vehicle on Friday happened again to Spencer, and he had to pull over on the side of the road again while Molly went to fetch him transmission fluid. The dynamic duo heroically added transmission fluid and high-tailed it back to NASA Glenn, avoiding highway speeds this time. The RAP session took place late once the evasive Kathleen appeared. The group continued the meeting by discussing the group project and Molly headed to a concert where she had no idea who was playing.


Birth of Kirsti Mari Pajunen, at (Time) on this date, 20 years previous.

After the exhilarating Dr. DiCarlo talk, everyone had presentations to present. Tai, as per usual, was heartbroken when his audience was unable to see his “beautiful” pictures. Nathan said um or uh at LEAST 54 times during the latter half of his presentation, meaning he technically said um or uh for roughly a full minute of their presentation. Everyone felt rushed by the auto advance slides except for the Venus Rover team, who were rebels and decided against (forgot) setting the slides to auto advance. It was determined later that the auto advanced slides were an all-around terrible idea posed by Molly, and (most) groups got rid of the feature for their next presentation. The group later toured the Fatigue and Structures Test (FAST) lab, and afterwards everyone worked on work. At 7pm, both Space and Aero came together to listen to the “slick” Tom Benson talk where he discussed the history, current state, and the future of NASA’s Aeronautics program. Everything about it was a “hoot” for sure. Pizza Hut was had, despite the fact that Tom Benson hates pizza. Of course that was the Aeronautics Academy’s decision.


Presentations went off without an, uh, hitch. Gina managed to, uh, get an, uh, unofficial count of, uh, Nathan saying um or uh, uh, 90 times, not, uh, including questions. Heath, uh, including questions, counted, uh, 118 uh’s or um’s. Once presentations were finally complete (for now), the RA’s all headed back to their respective buildings for lunch, just to meet up not long after for the Zero-G tour in building 110. The RA’s were lucky enough to get to look down the giant hole in the ground headed for China, as well as watch a really cool video of a drop from what had to have been like the 90’s

After that, the group got overly (though for good reason) excited about free Slurpee day. Once work was over, the RA’s all headed over to Ruby Tuesdays to celebrate the birth of Kirsti Mari Pajunen. After some bribing, a handful of the RA’s managed to squeeze two free appetizers out of the manager in exchange for them all to fill out customer satisfaction and demographics surveys. The queso dip was particularly excellent. After dinner, Kirsti was graced with a free cupcake from Ruby Tuesdays to celebrate the day of her birth (that was not this day). The RA’s then headed to the cars to find that it was 7:09pm and free Slurpee day was over L. No free Slurpees. However, they all then headed to lazer tag for one of the most Xtr3m3 n1gHtz 0f Th31r L1v3z!

After the first game, the RA’s and some of Jacobs friends joined forces to form parts of the greatest lazertag team of all time! In reality, Space won every game of lazer tag they played, Jacob and Spenny showed their TRUE colors, and Molly slipped and fell about 27 times. Following the epic games of lazer tag, an equally epic battle of air hockey between Spenny and Molly took places. Molly lost miserably and, thereby, lost a slap bet against Spenny at the same time. After Spenny slapped Molly’s neck, the RA’s headed home to their second, or third, or fourth, or in Molly’s case, only home. Some went to watch Dr. Who, others to shower, and some to bed; but the RA’s did have one thing in common, a great night was definitely had by all.


Though all the 302ers skipped out, (from what I know/am guessing) the 110ers and Molly set out on a basically full day of tours around the GRC campus sponsored by the RH branch. Unfortunately, the Mobile and Remote Sensing (MARS) lab tour was canceled; however the rest of the tours regarding various communications research made up for the loss. Outside of that, the day was relatively uneventful… After work, the RAs were treated to another “slick” talk from Tom Benson, with the added bonus of dessert on him! This talk was focused on Tom Benson’s crazy and whirlwind of a career. After that, most of the RAs dispersed to do their own thing. Molly and some went to Fat Heads, Samira and Macie (with a little help from Gina) made jello, Jacob was being loud, forcing Nathan to write a med school essay in the back of the parking lot, and Gina eventually picked up Ross from the airport. The RAs slept so soundly that night.


Fortune smiled on the interns Friday and they got to see the 10x10ft supersonic wind tunnel without Samira passing out.

Remember Apollo – GO AMERICA and don’t forget the Soviet Union is bad.

Inconclusive slap bets are boring.

During lunch, the interns ate lunch.

Aerogels are really good insulators, and crushing them was fun for the RAs who went on the tour.

Yellow handholds were used by rock climbers. Other colors too.


Sandusky, OH, is the home of Cedar Point, which was the interns’ destination for Saturday.

Activities for waiting in line included finger fencing, shoot out, multiplayer variations on the thumb-pointing game, and riddles. Academites had more fun than anyone else in the park.

The Millennium Force was one of the most exciting rides with speeds of over 90 mph, 4.5Gs, and a 300 ft drop.

Untimely delays made long waits even longer. Cannibalism almost ensued.

Ribs are Daniel R.’s favorite food, so he strongly recommended taking three vegetarians for a BBQ lunch.

Dinosaurs are common in Cedar Point. The interns would have like to ride them, but they were too hard to catch.

Assault was commonplace. Kathleen slapped Reed, Daniel, and Nathan. Acting in lieu of Nathan, Molly slapped Kathleen. Kirsti slapped Nathan twice.

Yellow lemonade kept some of the interns cool and happy at the end of the day.


Sleep-deprived interns took advantage of a relaxed Sunday to rest up before the start of another week.

Up in the sky, the sun shined brightly.

Noon passed. Interns slept.

Delayed chores like laundry and grocery shopping were finally taken care of.

After dark, Jacob and Dana ran amok with a car and tried to run down innocent victims.

Yellow yaks.