National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 5

Monday, July 2nd

Monday began with a sleep-deprived and travel-weary group of Spacers reverting to the daily routine… OR COULD THEY!? An executive decision for presentations on the meager time working at NASA sought to consume their time and postpone their return to normalcy. Working all day to refine their eloquent waxing of their respective works, only to leave with presentations half practiced and a rap session belatedly begun. They suffered this stoically, all on the meager fuel of a forced Subway procurement of inefficient proportions. The rest of the evening was consumed by the vexing midterm report on the Group project for which there was great effort, and many hours of sleep lost.

Tuesday, July 3rd

On Tuesday there were presentations, which went very well. The spirits of the Academites could not be dampened by the subsequent rain, since the RAs had gained a new understanding and respect for the work of their fellow RAs and center researchers. The evening was filled with the Space RAs participating in various activities. Molly and various members of the Space and Aero Academies hung out in Macy’s room to enjoy the evening. Kirsti and Spencer went to a concert the likes of which they had never seen. Jacob went off to celebrate the birthday of a relative, promising BBQ the next day – a promise on which he never delivered.

Wednesday, July 4th

Wednesday was the Fourth of July! Go America! Space decided to take advantage of this glorious day off from work. Some people, like Kirsti and Spencer, slept for 13 hours or more. It was amazing. Others, like Molly and Jacob, went on a crazy race way too early in the morning. But they had fun. Jacob spent the day with his girlfriend (whose birthday it was) and his family.

Kirsti and Gina went to Dunkin Donuts for a very late breakfast, and then waited to hear from Molly to see when we were leaving for the Cleveland Indians game. Finally, at 3:10pm Molly was discovered to be alive. She had just woken up from a nap, and was calling people to tell them that she was buying tickets for the game. A group of nine left at 3:40pm, seven going to the game and two (Kathleen and Nathan) to explore the wonders of downtown Cleveland. Somehow the Youtube Cleveland tourism videos come to mind…

When the RAs got to the game, they sat in their seats, right smack dab in front of the blazing sun. But their seats had a great view! After getting a little bored from the obvious domination of the L.A. Angels by the Cleveland Indians, they decided that they would leave somewhere around the 8th inning stretch to go and get food. After the weather cooled down significantly, there was a hot dog race that involved a bet between Molly and Gina. Gina bet that the mustard would win, and Molly bet that Onion would win. After a VERY close race, Ketchup fell down right at the finish line, and Mustard tripped and fell on top on the Ketchup. Onion leapt over both of them and won! After a disbelief that she had lost, Gina lost to Molly. The group left after the 8th inning when the score was 12-3 in favor of the Indians.

The RAs scouted out for food, and ended up going to a good restaurant with sandwiches that had fries in them. After the delicious food, it was time for fireworks hunting. After a pretty impressive parking job by Gina, the group ended up going to the sketchiest beach Kirsti had ever seen, which was probably not technically part of Edgewater Park. After some relaxing reading and conversations, it was getting darker and Jacob and Dana came and said hello to us. They brought awesome paper lanterns that they released into the sky above firey flames. After a few raindrops and some pretty ominous lightning shooting across the sky, the fireworks began around 10 pm. Wow, they had a great view from their little pier, seeing Cleveland’s skyline, lightning shooting all the way across the sky, and at least three fireworks displays, all from that one spot.

Thursday, July 5th

Our story begins, as these stories often do, with a young up-and-coming Space Academy. The RAs are a deeply sleep-deprived group, and future party members of the Procrastination Union… whenever that gets up and running. Eventually, this group meets to launch a special project in the name of ‘getting something done’.

At first, it is believed to be a search for quality components and it is pursued regardless of its cost. However, the true goal of the project is sufficiency: complete and total appearance of accomplishment. The project however, begins swiftly… but the efforts of those involved are not in vain, for a new understanding of moronic units (kg-cm) is born from the struggle to locate economical servos.

But if your ultimate goal is maneuverability, how best to compensate for such a thing? It is at this point in our story that along comes a Kathleen. She is a girl seemingly without cell-phone, and for whom the end always justifies the means. It is she who suggests that their target should not be sufficient strength to adjust the parachute, but rather, adequate enough to move the dropsonde itself. Three calculations were done, two by Kathleen and one by Brian. Several estimates arise in the first few hours until, at last, the true goal comes into view. Before that night, no one had any idea where we could get such a servo, but, after that night, lo and behold, a miracle.

It was a subcommittee consisting of a group of RAs that made them all very valuable. The true genius of the plan was the delay. A day later, several servos are selected, haggled, and purchased while people took receipts to canonize their procurements. Delay became the ultimate tool of this group and through it, our group will ultimately present the final outcome of the project. The rest, as they say, is up to us.

We also went to see Moonrise Kingdom… which was an interesting comedy about an outcast orphan and a psychotic girl, falling in love and stabbing people while contending with the forces of nature and Bruce Willis.

Friday, July 6th

The day started like most other Fridays. At least 80 email messages were sent out like usual, most of them discussing the impending camping trip that evening and the Dayton airshow the next day. After a revelation that Samira was not coming camping, Brian and Kirsti began to rethink their attendance as well. Like a bunch of lame-o’s, Brian and Kirsti also decided not to go camping with some lame excuses like “the weather’s going to be too hot… I don’t wanna faint… and I’m sick”. Leaving the camping group at way less than the 12 required to get the $8 camping price, the group set out after work to brave the elements and see some awesome airplanes. After only a little over an hour, some news reached those back at the hotel: Spencer’s car had broken down. Leaving a group basically stranded next to the road, Gina came back to the hotel, told Kirsti the story, and then left by her car to pick up the hitchhikers. With a less than legal seating arrangement, the group finally made it to the campground around 1:30am. Meanwhile, Kirsti, Brian, and Samira had a relaxing night at the hotel.

Addendum: After Spencer’s car broke down, Gina and Molly left the rest of the group at a restaurant in a safe Amish town where they had epic adventures (including climbing a water tower) in order to acquire the necessary vehicles to keep the weekend alive. Through a series of unfortunate events related to Molly’s phone/GPS being off and charging, Molly and Gina got on the highway going in the wrong direction… After 20 miles and a stunning realization that the signs still said Columbus, they about faced and headed back to Cleveland. Tired and hungry, they inhaled some Chipotle and Dunkin Donuts that most definitely were in North Olmsted, despite what they texted back to the others. They sped like none other and Gina appeared miraculously in West Salem, despite leaving after Molly and never passing her. Some say that she discovered a wormhole.

Saturday, July 7th

A Sonnet

The morn brought heat to campers far away
While HSS kept others nice and chilled;
In Dayton, early wake began the day,
As Kirsti slept ‘till 1 just like she willed.
While Brian and Samira did some stuff,
The campers saw some planes from U.S. wars,
(And Kirsti watched TV, oddly enough)
Then to the airshow where plane engines roared.
And then, Kathleen had wanted Jacob blind,
So she threw tons of sunscreen in his face.
They all saw everything that they could find
And it was one more epic day for Space.
And so, the day had come unto a close,
With Gina sick, and all with stinky clothes.

Addendum: After sweating enough liquid to fill several kiddie pools, the Academites decided it would be an excellent idea to participate in sketchy, unsafe, and all-around unadvisable bouldering on some awesome crags near the campsite. Nathan was mighty angry at Molly and Cool Daniel, who had the foresight to bring their climbing shoes. Luckily, due to Nathan’s abnormally small feet and Molly’s abnormally large feet, Molly was able to share her shoes with someone for the first time in her life. They climbed, they whimpered at the sketchiness of the holds and the pointy rocks at the bottom, and they were happy and sweaty. They all, then, meandered to the “river” to lie down in the water and try to get their whole bodies wet. Matt and Spencer proved excellent crawdad bait for Kathleen’s makeshift net and Jacob’s very large knife, attempting to catch dinner for the whole crew. Unfortunately the little crustaceans were too quick and they had to eat s’mores instead.

The fire started MUCH easier than the last camping trip, with dry wood from the hot day. After s’mores with peanut butter and cinnamon were eaten, the group was attacked by a clan of hungry raccoons. Molly, Jacob, and Matt chased them off with sticks, knives, and attitude while Kathleen and Nathan caught a small population of fireflies in makeshift water bottle habitats. However, the group did not adequately defend their territory, as one of the raccoons had a nibble of Kathleen’s wallet for a midnight snack. Luckily, no one died that night.

Sunday, July 8th

On Sunday morning Brian and Kirsti went frantically looking for Samira so they could leave for skydiving. After about 20 phonecalls and 50 knocks on her door, she was located in her room. Samira decided not to come, and Gina was sick, so Brian and Kirsti headed off to the skydiving place and signed our lives away (literally) with some legal forms. Since they were the last ones there, they had to go last *sad face*. They found out that it would be quite a wait until they could skydive. So Brian and Kirsti found the others at Kinsey’s Korner, an awesome and cheap restaurant that everyone wishes was in North Olmsted. Everyone caught up with everyone else on how everyone’s weekend had been so far. Everyone except Brian and Kirsti smelled really bad and had funny-looking hair. Stories were told, and then they all headed back to the skydiving place to sit and wait for a very long time.

It was kind of scary when a plane had to come back after it took off due to some mechanical problems. But everything was resolved and then everyone in Space could stop fearing for their lives. Kathleen hitched a ride with a rather interesting gentleman, who had originally thought she was a boy (but a pretty one) and everyone talked with him for a long time. He had many very interesting stories to tell, including ones where he met really famous people. Considering his age and eccentricity, it was difficult to tell which stories were entirely true. After a furious struggle with the vending machine, it was finally Nathan and Kathleen’s turn to jump out of a plane. They were strapped into very uncomfortable harnesses and took off. Spencer was intensely filming the event, and when the two safely reached the ground, words could not express the awesomeness of what just happened. Then, it was Molly and Jacob’s turn, and Spencer was recording their last will and testament before they met their definite end. Two by two everyone jumped out of a plane and had the experience of their lives.

After Kirsti and Brian finished, Molly and Kathleen had an epic somersault race, and we learned that Molly was a ball in another life. She dominated and finished the race with a bang. Kathleen also did a great job, but kind of died halfway through and just lied on the ground, laughing. Then, the group headed home in a girl car and a boy car after a crazy amazing awesome day of awesomeness.