National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 2

Friday, June 15th

Our intrepid RAs went to work with their PIs this morning as usual. That afternoon, the group attended a reception welcoming the interns to NASA. There’s nothing like icebreakers, free pizza, and meeting new people.

After the reception, an ultimate frisbee game was organized and man, was it ultimate. Aero vs. Space, the battle of the century! (or at least the week.) The Space team was outnumbered by the Aeronauts so two aero-ambassadors were chosen, Cool Daniel and Reed. The game commenced with the Space team taking an early lead, 2 – 0. The battle was hard fought, many great plays were made and no-one passed the frisbee to Samira. The game ended very suddenly when Melanie’s head collided with Spencer’s hip. The Space team emerged victorious with the final score being 7 – 4.

After showers and dinners the group finished watching Constantine.

Saturday, June 16th

The RAs awoke around 11 o’clock bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to attend the Duct Tape Festival. The Duct Tape Festival was a significant letdown. It was a carnival plus a few duct tape statues. Nathan and Kathleen both won mini frisbees and Kirsti bought some novelty duct tape. After being totally let down, the group headed to Crocker Park.

The RAs first headed to Barnes and Noble. Kathleen and Nathan discussed philosophy while the rest of the group browsed and made fun of the books in the new age section. Some great titles included “The Stargate Conspiracy”, “Unleashing Your Inner Druid”, and “The Gods of Eden: The chilling truth about extraterrestrial infiltration and the conspiracy to keep humankind in chains”. Stunningly absent was a copy of the Necronomicon. While Kathleen and Nathan still discussed philosophy, Spencer purchased a Tardis Mug alongside a Sonic Screwdriver. There was much rejoicing. Ironically the Sonic Screwdriver required an ACTUAL screwdriver to install the batteries.

Many games of chess were then conducted in Crocker Park. Jacob beat Nathan. Brian taught Kirsti how to play and then proceeded to win the game. Spencer faced off against Kathleen and lost. Spencer then lost to Kathleen on the giant chessboard which was much more fun.

The group then headed off to dinner at Melt with the Space Alumni. A very long waiting period ensued. Dinner was finally purchased and consumed. There was much rejoicing. The RAs then headed home and watched 2001, A Space Odyssey.

Sunday, June 17th

The RAs rose later in the day today and journeyed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was Marine Week in Cleveland so several exhibits were set up outside the Rock Hall. It was a zoo though and the RAs decided to go into the hall to ensure they would see everything.

Spencer, Kathleen and Brian then tried to go to Great Northern Mall to look at board games. The mall was however, closed. They went to Target instead and picked up a copy of Settlers of Catan. They then joined Kirsti for an epic game of Settlers. After playing for 3 hours, they elected to shorten the game. Kirsti then emerged victorious along with her large army of knights.