National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 9

Monday, August 2:

Though tired, the Glennterns woke up super pumped for their tour of Kennedy Space Center today.  Even the ever so delightful Dr. Kankam added glee to the Glenntern’s already joyous morning by greeting them when they woke up.  After some of the near stragglers scarfed down a quick breakfast, the Glennterns loaded the cars and said a tearful goodbye to the last non prison-like hotel that they would stay in this summer.  With Dr. Kankam, all the cars were full, and Ryan had to sit in the middle seat, which was uncomfortable for him because his legs are too long.  In the interest of not giving Ron a headache, Ryan remembered his badge, YAY!

So, yeah, Kennedy was, like, wicked sick, man.  For the first part of the tour, the Glennterns got to see actual space station hardware.  Walking on the sticky pad to clean our shoes was also fun.  Next we were able to actually stand underneath the belly of the space shuttle.  We walked around and looked up at it in reverence.  Next our jaws dropped even further through the floor upon seeing the mammoth VAB.  My neck still hurts from looking up at the building’s ceiling.  Ryan still had his badge at this point in the tour

Next on the list was lunch in the Kennedy cafeteria, where space is the limit in terms of their prices.  13 bucks for a personal pizza and bottled smoothie.  Ron spent over 20.  Though, eating underneath an actual Saturn V rocket was pretty cool – that thing is big.  We also got to touch a moon rock – cool.  Ryan STILL had his badge – an amazing feat!

At 2:00 we departed the tour, drove to the airport and dropped off Kankam for his earlier flight. 

We didn’t have to wait too long at the airport.  After arriving, we had a group dinner, and left Adam to watch over our luggage.  Unfortunately, Kylee forgot to bring Adam his water.  Poor Adam.

The flight back was your typical flight – sleep, eat, and try not to freak out from being so cramped.  It is interesting to note that Kylee’s position could again be picked out with 100% accuracy based on the sound of her giggle, and, also, her singing (the only sounds that can be heard in space).  The author of this summary suggests using Kylee for research into sonar and echo location.  Let me guess, as Ron reads this out loud, Kylee is going to say the following in a frustrated tone:  “Oh COME ON!” and then look at Ryan and shake her head.

Well, I bet she shook her head at me at the very least.   Is she blushing too?

Ryan still had his badge with him.

Once we got back, the security guard picking us up gave us flack about not being able to squeeze one more person into the vehicle, meaning Ron and Robyn had to drive back to pick us up.  And, YES, Ryan still remembered his badge!  Once we got back to the hotel, most of us just passed out.

Tuesday, August 3:

Today began as any ordinary day.  After breakfast, everyone went their separate ways.  By 2 pm, Shanita was encouraged by Robyn to go to Glenn’s doctor’s office.  Although the center only saw civil servants, they considered Shanita because it was a “work related injury”, or so that’s what Shanita told them.   After being seen, Shanita found out that she had pinched muscled in her shoulder, resulting in a restriction list from the doctor.  She was limited on the things she could do in the lab, but she was too optimistic to discontinue her research.

The day went by fast.  After work, the Academy went to Chic-Fil-A for the rap session.  There, Ron discussed the expectations for the remainder of the summer, and then everyone became depressed.  So much to do with so little time!

Wednesday, August 4:

Chelsey revealed to the group that Ryan was the man of her dreams.  Was this the one where we got swept up by a tornado or was that the other one?

Ryan had a 2 hour meeting to explain to his mentor what happened in yesterday’s 6 hour meeting. 

Ryan and Nathan picked up food and supplies for this Saturday’s event and the space colony model, respectively.  Adam and Chelsey went on a work date at local coffee shop because doing work in the hotel is difficult. 

Thursday, August 5:

The morning breakfast was filled with Kylee’s concern with her interview with SpaceX.  The interview was apparently a little more technical than anyone would think for an entry level position.  Last speaker of the summer!!!  Dennis Huff spoke about future challenges in aeropropulsion.  Although, he was a lot more interesting than the last speaker, people still stared up at the ceiling and doodled…Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Friday, August 6:

Summary till 1:30:  Get up, groan, go to work, talk about Dale Peterson at breakfast, the usual bullshit.  Robyn had a 3 hour meeting with her mentor.  Ryan went to lunch with some colleagues at work. 

Then at 1:30, the ball really started to get rolling.  The group started to put together their super-delux awesome model of a space base on Callisto.  The space blanket that Ryan bought at Kennedy really came in handy for simulating MLI.  Kylee came in handy for asking some nice machinists to cut the PVC for our model…she’s just too cute to turn down.  Apparently the machinist came right out when told that a nice young lady was waiting for him.  Once the PVC was ready, the group went right to work on getting floors and doors made.  Some excellent pictures were printed off to simulate equipment.  Ryan and Chelsey made some cute little beds.  All in all, it was a productive afternoon.

After work, which was the first day during the entire summer that Ron stayed late, the group headed off to spend some of the extra reimbursement money from D.C. at the melting pot.  Boy, talk about some good eating.  The food was delicious.  To start off, our appetizers were bread and vegetables that we got to dip in molten swiss, chedder, and Wisconsin cheese.  The Wisconsin wasn’t very popular.  Next up came the gourmet salads, there were 4 to choose from.  Most people chose the house, Caesar, or California salads.  Ryan personally thought the Caesar salad was a little plate of heaven… mmmm.   Shanita wasn’t particularly happy with hers.  She claims it literally nearly made her vomit.  So I guess not all the salads were gourmet.

Next up, Ron’s favorite, meat.  Here we our choice of cooking salmon,beef, shrimp, chicken, and teriyaki.  We also cooked vegetables and mushrooms.  Howard and Adam weren’t particularly fond of eating fungus.  Ryan tried to waft in some of the alcohol fumes from the central pot as they were boiling away.  At some point, Adam asked, “can you be addicted to meat?”  At which point everybody looked to and pointed at Ron.

Finally, the ever so DIVINE desert.  Out came 4 pots, 2 with molten milk chocolate, 1 with molten white chocolate, and 1 with molten cookies n’ cream chocolate.  We had little samples of cheesecake, poundcake, some other kind of cake, bananas, and mini rice Krispie treats to dip into the chocolate.  Best of all, there were strawberries (dipped in chocolate) that were like little pieces of heaven.

After dinner, Ryan and Chelsey went out to Applebee’s to get some work done. 

Saturday, August 7:

Well, the day started off a little late:  at 11:00, with the Glennterns getting a chance to following sleep in, for the first time in 9 weeks.  At this time, most of the group members headed off to the rec center for their final activity.  Shanita was still recovery from her work-related injury and Robyn went off somewhere to get work done.

At the rec center, 4 absent minded interns, Ryan, Kylee, Chelsey, and Adam returned to the hotel briefly to get towels and swimsuits.  Actually, Ryan was the only one who was absent-minded, but whatever.  At the rec center, Howard spent the entire time playing basketball.  Ryan and Ron worked out and then played basketball.  Chelsey, Kylee, Adam, and Nathan worked out and then went to the pool.  The group also learned some serious MMA ab workouts, which do, in fact, hurt like hell the next day.

After the rec center, the group headed to the park to chillax and eat a late lunch.  Almost everyone had a burger, except for Kylee, who enjoyed a gluten-free fried pizza.  After grilling some delicious burgers, a hawk landed on a nearby tree.  Chelsey and Ron got some excellent shots of the hawk posing and then flying away.  Yes, it was a very peaceful afternoon.

Next we all headed back and went to work on our group project.  Handy-man Nathan got to work on the hinges and micrometeorite shielding and MLI. Kylee wasn’t feeling well so she slept.  Howard made a little ISRU machine.  Ryan and Chelsey made these adorable little astronaut figure friends… awwww, they’re sooooo cute.  Each astronaut represented someone from our group who wants to go to Callisto as an astronaut.  Nathan would be the commander in his orange jump suit, Chelsey is the normal white astronaut, and Ryan is the dirty one.  Adam again proved his uselessness with anything hands-on… just kidding!  He did find some excellent internet resources and pictures for our model. 

After making some admirable progress on their model, the group’s skydivers decided to go out to the bar.  Buffalo Wild wings was top of the list, but there was no room because everyone was there to watch a fight.  Then the group headed off to Fathead’s.  Here, Nathan and Chelsey ordered wings, Ryan ordered a pizza, and Kylee order a gargantuan pile of cheese and fries.  Ryan’s drink was also supposed to come with an optional “waggledance.”  Ryan asked the waitress if she would do it for him, but she refused and was somewhat put off. Oh well. 

Sunday, August 8:

“You said that you were my sheep, why aren’t you following me?”  Ron started the day off worshipping at a local church while others of the Academy slept in or needed to catch up on some work.  When he arrived to the church the front message board was, “Pessimists need a good kick in the pants”.  He knew then that he was in for a good message!

We all decided that we would meet up at 3pm in room 103 to continue to work on the module.  When that time came, everyone made it to the destination.  Robyn, half asleep, was gathering her things and was wondering why people began entering her room. “Why are you just standing here? You don’t have to wait on me.”  Poor Robyn didn’t realize that she was already in the meeting room.

As we continued to build our module, jokes began to break out between Kylee and Adam.  Shanita realized that she weighed only 5 pounds less than Adam.  Kylee asked Adam, “Have you eaten a black hole?”  Adam replied, “Two. That’s why I’m so dense.”  On the other side of the room, Robyn or “Robin” received a strange text message thanking her for dances and hugs the night before.  How this guy even got Robyn’s number is unknown.  Does Robyn have a side we don’t know about??