National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 8

Monday, July 26

Science and research started early this morning.  It was Robyn’s mentor’s birthday and she set out early in search of fresh donuts to celebrate the occasion.  Since there wasn’t a Krispy Kreme in the neighborhood, she was forced to buy Krispy Kreme from the nearest provider: Speedway.  Although the Speedway clerk assured her that the donuts were fresh and just delivered that morning, Robyn remained suspicious and suspected that the quality and tastiness might be compromised.  So, she bought two more:  one to taste for herself and another for someone else to taste.  Next, she headed over to Donut Connection where she bought a baker’s dozen of assorted donuts.  She returned to her cell where she and Chelsey quickly conducted a complex and detailed statistical analysis on the savory delights.  The results were conclusive.  The donuts both performed well in taste tests and were subsequently taken to Robyn’s mentor’s buildings at Glenn for distribution for all to enjoy.  Well, not all.  Unfortunately, Kylee couldn’t partake of the yeasty dough food because they weren’t gluten free. 

Tuesday, July 27

Tuesday was a pretty normal day. It started with everyone exiting their rooms and assembling in the hall. The front desk gave us the usual audible harassment as we left. We drove to the base and sat down with our breakfast. Before leaving for work we partook in the usual conversation of cafeteria food and Dale Peterson. Work was work, and before you know it work was over and we returned to Homestead. Time passed by fast and we were suddenly all in an empty hotel room with a few tables and chairs in the center. One chair eventually fell over. Paper was passed around and the result of a previous vote for t-shirt designs was announced. The result was to everyone’s liking. The leader within the group discussed activities for the coming week. After, group project work began. It was short this time, and everyone was feeling better about what had to get done by the end of the meeting.

Wednesday, July 28

Breakfast banter topic:  Public beaches and how nice it would have been to sleep on the beach

While the A-Team discussed just how close we were to the beautiful beach in Santa Monica (about a block away), Kylee said in dismay “We could have slept on the ocean.”  To which Nathan replied “We really couldn’t have slept on the ocean… It’s water.”

CNN for Breakfast

At one point during breakfast and mid-chatter, everyone grew eerily quiet.   All eyes focused on the televisions and all faces adopted quizzical expressions.  We were watching a clip of a man standing at the front door of a house and he was about be let inside by the owner of the house, a woman.  But something about this scene wasn’t quite right because the music (kinda like ooowww, chickee waaahhh waaahhh) suggested that something else was going on.  Just when we realized what we thought we were watching, the CNN’s announcer’s voice boomed “Now that we have your attention,” as he proceeded to report on America as Pornland. 

Plum Brook Tour

The first part of the A-Team’s day was spent on the Plum Brook Station tour.  Seven-eighths of the A-team rode the ‘short bus,’ while Ryan and Papa Ron rode the yellow school bus.  We went to the Space Power Facility and saw the largest thermal vacuum chamber in the world and other testing facilities. The tour ended with free hugs from Howard.

Dave & Buster’s

To celebrate Ron’s birthday, the A-team carpooled to Dave & Buster’s.  The A-team surprised Ron with a birthday card filled with singles that made him blush.  Then, two other surprises: ribs that suspiciously materialized out of thin air after the waitress said they were out and growth-impaired shrimp.   Conversation around the covered pool table-table ranged from a quaint tale of Chelsey carving up a deer in her parents’ bedroom to Howard saying “fumble” in reference to the baseball game that was on.  Stuffed and happy, we then headed out for fun, games and prizes and more games.

Thursday, July 29

Our friend from the cafeteria suddenly approached “stern and firm” Ron. **Bow-chicka Bow-Wow** She complemented him on his big red truck ***gigity** and, after asking about our upcoming trip to Florida, went on her way. Glorious morning news and it’s infinite wisdom then shifted the conversation to sexist views of women. Finally the jokes could begin. Kylee’s past roommates were brought up as an example, as they once told her that by practicing good cleaning skills one could attract a mate. Ryan began typing a marriage guide: “Step 1: plug in and turn on. Step 2: back and forth.” An advanced guide was proposed which featured such skills as corner cleaning. This advanced guide is intended for those women who are truly serious about getting married. Sexism aside, work was somewhat average. An annoying town hall meeting to view the asking of questions to Bolden interrupted everyone in the middle of the day. It was hilariously awkward due to its apparent scripted nature. The best part was when the camera shifted to an audience reaction shot and a man held up the “live long and prosper” sign. Bolden didn’t know what it meant. I (Nathan) died a little inside as a result. After work we watched part of the HBO series: “from the earth to the moon.” Then, sleep.

Friday, July 30

Breakfast Banter:  Adam’s Border Crossing Solution

Adam’s advice if you’re ever caught crossing the Iranian border:  break out into the MC Hammer border dance.  While border patrol is preoccupied and fascinated with your fancy footwork, you can slyly step back over the border into safe territory; and when you do, be sure to say: “Stop, can’t touch this.”

In the afternoon, the A-Team went to building 3 to hear a guest speaker; and that’s all we’re going to say about that.

Saturday, July 31

We awoke very early and made our way to Glenn. We got into a van and went to the airport. There we all got breakfast and boarded our plane. The plane departed for Florida at 7:30 am. It landed in Orlando at 9:42 am. Plane stuff happened in-between. We walked through the airport to the rental car area. There we discussed how cool it would be to rent sports cars for the weekend. In the end we settled for more conventional cars. Sad face. We all made our way to Daytona for mini golf and gocarts. Mini golf was a lot of fun. Some weren’t too good at it, and everyone had a good laugh at there expense. Adam called Robyn a “hustler” once he realized she was doing better than him. In case anyone is still unsure the slang definition of a hustler is:  “a prostitute, especially a streetwalker or one who solicits in bars.” Hot, thirsty, and maybe a little offended by Adam’s comment, Robyn stopped playing mini gold and went with Shanita inside the air conditioned club house. A few more swear words were spoken and golf was over. The majority of the group then raced each other in go carts. Adam had the slowest cart. Ron and Robyn had the fastest carts and raced each other as they lapped Adam multiple times. Everyone then got back in the cars and we all headed to the hotel. We met as a group later to go to a restaurant. Nathan had a delicious steak and everyone else ate something too. We returned to the hotel. Some went swimming. Kylee and Nathan went to the movie theater to see Inception, which was awesome! We all went to bed, some getting much needed rest before skydiving tomorrow.

Sunday, August 1

Florida Skydiving

The A-Team skydivers (Kylee, Ryan, Nathan, Chelsey, and Ron) loved their experience and all are planning to go again.  After falling to Earth, they returned to the hotel to reunite with the non-jumpers and then headed out to eat lunch at the Conch Key Grille & Tiki Bar in Rockledge, Florida.  Only Howard and Ron sampled frog legs as an appetizer, yum!  And Shanita was so thirsty that she didn’t notice until the parking that she was still sipping water from their drinking glass. 

Cocoa Beach

 Nathan, Robyn, Kylee and Chelsey were up to renting a surf board but there were no waves.  No worries though as we all just enjoyed the water and lying on the beach in the warm sand.  Ryan and Robyn ventured out the farthest in the Atlantic Ocean.  Chelsey kept busy body slamming other A-teamers in the water, except for Ryan because he was too tall (good try though).   While on the sand, Chelsey, Howard and Shanita buried Ryan up to his neck.  Unfortunately, we had to leave earlier than we wanted to because of the lightening and fast approaching storm.

Once back at the hotel, Ron and Chelsey went to Waffle House and then went to pickup Dr. Kankam.  Those that remained headed for FrakenHOP, a name coined by Nathan because the IHOP was connected to a Travel Lodge Motel.  Upon hearing that we were a group of 7, the waitress sighed heavily and annoyingly said “You’ll have to bear with me.  I’m the only one on the floor and there is only one cook.”  She grudgingly pulled two tables together, threw some menus and silverware bundles down and stalked into the kitchen. 

Kylee asked for a gluten-free menu when she returned and was curtly told that there wasn’t one.  So, in support of gluten intolerant individuals everywhere, Nathan and Robyn headed over to Denny’s with Kylee in search of gluten-free food and a more pleasant wait staff.  They rewarded with a chipper waitress named Tristan, a restaurant manager and a cook.  Yay!  They tried hard to eat the remaining amount they had for the day and discovered that being “food drunk” is miserable.  All left Denny’s holding their middles and groaning.  So, what did they learn from this gut-stretching experience: Never try to eat $20 worth of food at Denny’s.