National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 10

Monday, August 9

Monday was the beginning of the end.  This week, all that the Glennterns had accomplished in the past 9 weeks, had to be documented in the form of reports, posters, and presentations.  With the poster presentation on Wednesday, most put the finishing touches on their poster, although some were in meetings.   At 3, the president of the Mars society talked to Glenn about going to Mars in a decade.  Apparently, we’re getting really good at understanding flying soup cans! Adam approached president Zurin after the talk to thank him.  He seemed a bit more interested in the people with money trying to by copies of “A Case For Mars.” Apparently Zurin isn’t as motivated by inspiring the youth as he is by selling books.   That evening at the rap session Ryan trying to guess Kylee’s reaction through last week’s version of whatever this is.  Kylee soon got her revenge as she watched astronaut Ryan be put into the oven…sweet clay revenge!  

Some goals are always determined to fail…like this week’s goal …avoid inappropriate jokes at breakfast.

Tuesday, August 10

Tuesday was one of our last full days of work. After a short breakfast we all headed to our buildings to do one thing: work on the final report. After a full day of typing, it was time to head back to Homestead. Chelsey and Nathan headed out on a Starbucks date to work on the group report. Suddenly it was 8:30, time flies by when you need to get a lot done. They celebrated their productivity with wings from BWW.

What is one to do for two hours when one has in ones belly Glenn Toast, and in ones mind poster presentations?!  Ryan for one, made his poster!  Um..a little later there bud!  But it actually looked better than most of the posters in the room!   Bernice took pictures of everyone, Dr. Landis commented on the number of space ship pictures to size ratio of my poster and Ron got stuck talking to question guy.  All in all productive.

Wednesday, August 11

The interns returned to their place of work.  That evening Chelsey, Ryan, Nathan and Kylee ventured to Starbucks to work on their projects and Howard relieved some stress with basketball.  Kylee should NOT drink two grande Starbucks drinks in one sitting, as Nathan learned the hard way.  They ended up doing laps around the parking lot on foot while Kylee was talking over an million miles per hour. 

Not much sleep was had, info was crammed into reports, and the limited nighttime dreams of the interns revolved around leaving the hotel!

Thursday, August 12

So much to do, so little time. The last full day of work had begun. We all rushed back to our offices to tie up loose ends and finish the final report. Towards the end of the work day Chelsey and Nathan met to read through and edit the group report. It was still not done, but it was very close to completion. Half of the interns headed back to jail at the usual time to pack and get ready for the banquet. The rest all stayed until 6:30 to finish work on their final report. The banquet was delightful. The food was good, save for  Robyn’s vegetation “squash puff”. The speaker was astronaut Michael Foreman, who discussed in length his life story of becoming an astronaut. After the ceremony the interns headed back to the hotel and finished up any group and individual work they had to do. Chelsey and Nathan finished the final report, Kylee and Howard finished the group presentation, and everyone packed.

Friday, August 13

The bittersweet end had finally come. Today’s activities included a quick 2 hours to finish up some last minute work, a group project presentation, lunch, a video, and the reading of this summary. Reports and badges would be handed in, and we would soon all be leaving.  Chelsey and Adam were the first ones to leave the hotel; however, they would not be the first ones to leave Cleveland.  That honor would go to Nathan, who was picked up by his mom, followed shortly by Kylee who was taken back to the hills and topless mountains by her parents.  Adam and Chelsey would be stranded in the Walmart parking lot while Ron took Shanita to the post office where she was offered a hefty ransom to have her stuff arrive at her home before she would.  After dropping Shanita off airport, Ron would come back for the Wisconsin duo to help the random mechanic.  Chelsey would finally read the manual before consulting the mechanic.  After the car thought Chelsey was stealing her own car, they would head back to Wisconsin.  The remaining 3 would stay in the hotel for the night, but not on their own will.

Saturday, August 14

Robyn wakes up the earliest on Saturday to leave for Bellbrook to sign her new lease which started that very day.  Howard and Ryan were the last two people to leave the hotel which comes as no surprise to the others if the previous 10 weeks were any indication.  Howard leaves at 11am (the last second before checkout) on the same path as Shanita did yesterday.  Ryan leaves sometime between 11am and noon for Buffalo, NY before driving back across the country to California.

While excited to return to their more comfortable lives back home, the thought of departing friends and leaving this awesome summer behind kind of gets you all choked up inside. After all, it was a great summer; full of hard work, learning, friendship, and even a bit of love.