National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 8 Summary

By Andrew H. and Harkirat

Week 8 Photos

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Sunday was a simply delicious day! Banana and dark chocolate, cinnamon, coconut and miscellaneous other flavors! Yeah I am talking about the crêpes we had at a crêpe place in Santa Monica. The “take your time and enjoy” European breakfast spirit carried on throughout the rest of the day. We returned the rental cars, and then we settled in at the airport to wait for our flight.

After boarding, we flew for about 5 hours and then landed at the Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport! As usual, the Cleveland airport was empty, as it was late in the evening. The Glennterns giggled through the short ride back to Glenn, reminiscing over the adventures of the previous four days. When the bus arrived at Glenn Research Center, the Glennterns jumped out of the bus, jumped into Kristin’s and Anup’s cars, and headed back to the Stud.

Monday, July 20th, 2009

The Glennterns awoke Monday morning to begin another joyous day of work. Breakfast discussions were a weird as usual. How long will we be able to continue to talk about pointless and/or funny things every day? We contemplated the most popular first and last names worldwide and then toasted to them.

This day was special for NASA as it was the 40th anniversary of the Apollo landing. We landed on the moon! Several scientists and engineers who worked at Lewis during the Apollo era talked in the cafeteria during lunch about their roles in the Apollo program.

After work, the crew made their way back to the Stud to prepare for the RAP session. When they arrived, Anup was particularly excited to have received a much-anticipated package in the mail that was promptly set up in his hotel room. At the RAP session, the group prepared for another week at Glenn. Kristin presented some facts on the astronaut selection process and Harkirat made some dazzling observations on the presentation. After the RAP session, the group convened for a project meeting and realized they needed to begin working on their written report.

The guys then watched a Discovery Channel special on Apollo and some Youtube videos on the subject. They decided to read aloud the transcripts for the moon landing in order to properly celebrate the occasion. Andrew H. played the role of Neil Armstrong, with Andrew A. as Buzz, Anup as President Nixon, Jon as Michael Collins, and Brendan as CAPCOM. Though Anup was very attentive to detail, it was enjoyed by all.

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

It was the (7 x 3) st day of the 7th month. Surely something special was to take place today. It was so special that everything was completely normal — morning breakfast, joking, extreme weather and the rest of the work day. After work, Harkirat went to sleep for three hours and then couldn’t fall asleep until 5:00 in the morning. Others slept like normal people. But before going to bed, they did some work on the group project. A select group also found new uses for Excel spreadsheets that were deemed very valuable for the group project.

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Wednesday morning was fairly normal with some sluggish wake-ups and a 7:25 exit of the Stud. The work day was pretty normal with Andrew H. getting to work on something for the Augustine Commission. It was intense.

After work the Glennterns rolled over to Fatheads to meet Professor J. Iwan Alexander for dinner and a talk on alternate energy. Though it was difficult to hear the whole group in the loud restaurant, everyone got a chance to chat with the Professor at some point. The group then moved back to the game room after eating their huge sandwiches where the projector was set up. Wind energy in the Cleveland area was discussed along with other innovative ways of capturing energy. The Glennterns finally left the restaurant around 8:30 and returned to the Stud. The night was filled with some work on Excel spreadsheets and nobody slept as usual.

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

It was a lovely Thursday morning! Don’t ask why. It just was. And you are not allowed to disagree. It just was.

The Wall of Fame nominees were announced at breakfast. The top winner was Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech. Some of the group went to the job fair. The companies, graduate schools, and Glenn research labs were very impressed with our NASA Academy business cards!

After work, the group headed directly to the movie theater to watch the new Harry Potter installment, which made some of us very excitable. Harkirat thought that it was a really short movie that left him unfulfilled. Kristin was mad because the movie missed some really interesting parts from the book. The discussion began in the car on our way to the Mexican restaurant and continued at dinner. Harkirat got inspired to read all the Harry Potter books. The dinner was enjoyed by all.

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Everyone awoke Friday morning a bit bleary eyed and many yawns were had. The toast happened, it probably wasn’t very good as most of them aren’t. Anup set up a meeting in the morning with researchers studying shape memory alloys and brought Andrew H. along. They were really excited and wanted to help. They showed and taught Andrew and Anup a lot. It was determined that the SMAs were a little too involved since they would need to be heat treated, but it was a learning experience all the same. That morning there were some tours of the Power and Propulsion branch. Brendan attended and so did Andrew H.

The afternoon consisted of some tours of the Icing Research Tunnel and the Exercise Countermeasures Lab, which had a vertical treadmill. After work, the Academyites had planned to do some work in their new lab in building 49. The second capacitor bank was set up and the entire system was integrated. With everything set up, an initial launch was to be had. The atmosphere was tense for the test flight and “Flight of the Valkyries” was playing. The switch was thrown and a great flash occurred and nothing happened. Additional testing did get some sparks and movement of the armature. Overall, the day was a success.

Back at the Stud, everyone argued as to where they should go to eat. Andrew H. left to go into Cleveland and most of the others were trying to decide where to eat. Anup was disappointed that Jon would not join him at a pizza shop and they had a big fight but reconciled that night. The group ended up at Olive Garden and ate a lot. Adam’s girlfriend and Jon’s girlfriend joined in on the festivities.

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

The tired Glennterns hoping to sleep in were greeted by a loud and annoying fire alarm. But oh well, that’s part of life. We still slept for a decent number of hours. By the time we were up and ready, Mehran and Tom, Academy ’08 Alumni, had arrived. Everybody was excited to meet them but the most excited was Kristin — it was like re-living the 2008 Academy for a day! The group talked to the alums for a while and headed to Fatburger for lunch. Everybody ordered burgers, and Andrew H.’s burger was bigger than his mouth. He liked the burger so much that he wanted a picture with the cartoon burger near the cashier’s register. After lunch, even though there was a good chance of rain, the group, including the alums but excluding Andrew A., decided that a beach trip was in order. It was a nice place with a cool view of the city. Some played the game Mafia while others juggled a soccer ball and passed Frisbee. Most of the guys then played a game called Spud which is a similar to dodgeball.

Adam, his girlfriend, Brendan, and Harkirat all had to be back so they could make it to the Cleveland Orchestra concert. They all dressed to impress and, looking dapper, headed to hear some classical music. Emily’s dress even matched her car! Only Harkirat would notice that. Blue was the theme of the day! (Emily, Adam and the car had some kind of dark/royal blue on.) Now the question was, who the outlier was: Harkirat or Brendan? Brendan didn’t have any blue in his suit, but he did have a dark color on, just like Emily, Adam and the car. Harkirat’s scarf was turquoise, which is a type of blue but she was too “white” and “bright” and felt like she didn’t fit in with the dark/blue theme set by Adam, Emily and the car. So perhaps she was the outlier. Upon arriving at the concert, the four realized they were the only ones who had dressed up. Everybody else was in jeans and shorts! We really felt special. One elder lady even said out loud, “You look so pretty. So pretty. So pretty.” After the concert, they went to the Cheescake Factory and had some delicious food! Not to mention the chocolaty hot chocolate.

The rest of the group planned to go out on the Cleveland town, in slightly separate ways. Jon went to Case to meet up with Kayt. Andrew H., Jamie, and Anup went to the Irish festival. They saw some cool Irish cultural stuff and many Irish shops. They then went to meet the rest of the crew at Shooters. Very tired from dancing away the night, everyone proceeded home to get some rest.