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Week 6 Summary

By Jamie and Brendan

Week 6 Photos

Sunday, July 5, 2009

When the 9:00 alarm when off, nobody budged. At about 9:05, Harkirat finally got out of bed and announced, “Guys, it’s 9 a.m.” This was greeted by a confused and disappointed stare from Jon who then promptly put his head back under the covers to sleep. This was the most active of the responses; the rest of the Glennterns showed about as much energy as the floor beneath them. Except for Andrew A. He had gotten up early.

Rolling out of ΑΧΩ merely a half hour later than planned, they set off on their epic quest back to Cleveland. But not before getting bagels. Mmmmm, bagels. They then set a new record by getting on to the highway without making a single unnecessary U-turn.

Kristin was happy when the group pulled off the road for lunch at precisely 2:00 p.m., exactly as she had predicted. Harkirat was happy to see the rest stop had a Starbucks (apparently mere bagel shop coffee isn’t good enough for someone from Seattle). After merely a 40 minute wait in the fast food line, Harkirat began to walk over to purchase her beloved Starbucks. However, Kristin realized that they were running behind schedule and ushered everyone back to the cars.

The Glennterns made it back with enough time to return the cars to Enterprise Car Rental on time. Adam began his epic odyssey of completing the endless set list on Guitar Hero; Brendan and Andrew H. completed a 3.5 mile run without falling in any of the open manholes; John went on a date with his girlfriend and didn’t invite any of us; Anup stayed in and nursed his ankle, which was bothering him from the large amount of walking that had occurred in D.C.

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Monday morning began as any other with the Glennterns. The interns chose to add their legacy to the traditions of Glenn Academy by offering up a toast every morning. There will be different toast every day and they will probably get more interesting as the commonplace toasts are said. Brendan and Jamie got excited about their weekly summaries, and Jamie offered to do an interpretive dance as her contribution to art and the collective knowledge of Glenn Academy 2009. Alas, one cannot record an interpretive dance on paper, so it will only exist as a dream. After work, Andrew H. went to play Frisbee with non-academy Glennterns.

That evening before the RAP session, the interns did a dry run of their Powerpoint presentations for Thursday’s midterm session for Kristin. The conference room was booked, however, and Kristin pledged to commandeer it back for next week.

The RAP session proceeded as normal. Post-RAP session, the interns assigned roles for their group project and discussed how to get obtain funding for their experiments.

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Tuesday started out much like any day. Wake up, shower, make lunch, leave from the stud five minutes late, eat breakfast. Pretty boring stuff. It was by far the most silent breakfast the group has had, and so it was boring. No one had anything inspirational to say, and when given the responsibility of getting us motivated today, all Harkirat could muster was “happy Tuesday”.

After work, Jon, Anup and Brendan went to a deli to get some choice meats. It turns out that Anup’s “Gobbagoul” is what is spelled, and pronounced by most people, as capicola. After leaving with yummy meat and cheese, the trio proceeded to Giant Eagle to join in on the food shopping trip of the others. Vittles for the next few days were complimented with tasty beverages to be had as part of a post-dinner snack on Thursday.

The group then proceeded to back to the Stud, where they constructed the first real experiment with the real rail gun. It was made of steel, used a lot of power, and the construction involved power tools. When the switch was flipped with only 20V, the steel parts fused together! Not having much success improving the situation, the testers decided to ramp the system up to full power. It was decided to have the projectile moving when the circuit was activated to try to mitigate the fusion problem.

Brendan decided to test and see how high the rails would have to be lifted to get the projectile moving. Andrew thought this was the time to start the circuit. Not only did the rolling not do anything productive, but the current had been so high that the steel rod itself had melted, destroying the projectile. After some reworking, the group managed to get the projectile rolling using the capacitors, though unfortunately with a resistor in the circuit to slow the current. Many went to bed that night happy with at least having done some tests for the project.

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

The morning began as usual, with a competition of who could get to the toaster the quickest (or most deviously). The proposition had been made earlier that week that the Glennterns should add to the group’s knowledge base and print up a list of the prices at the cafeteria. Anup convinced Jon to scrap the idea, however, because he said he liked the suspense of taking his food up to the cashier without the knowledge of how much it would be. The group decided that they would start a new tradition of having a “Wall of Fame,” with inductees each week. All the interns were instructed to bring nominees to breakfast the following morning.

A lunch meeting concerning the group project was had at Anup’s office. The attendees were Andrew A., Anup, Andrew H., and Jon, with the rest of the interns busy with their other work. The afternoon was spent meeting with Matt Melis, who was on the Columbia Accident Investigation Board. All Glennterns attended this meeting, and they asked him for advice on some of the technical problems they were having with their rail gun. Although he could not give a conclusive answer on some of their questions, he provided valuable contacts by which the Glennterns could get the supplies they needed. Matt showed the Academyites the Ballistics lab, which was very cool.

After work, some of the interns went shopping for some eventful clothes. After that, the dedicated Academyites worked long into the night on their individual presentations.

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

The Glennterns awoke Thursday morning full of nervousness, excitement and glee. On the one hand, presentations were that morning which made no one excited. On the other hand, today the first wall of fame class was to be inaugurated. Sixteen qualified nominations were made for a mere five and a half slots. Nominations ranged from rappers, to international corporations, to Mars rovers, to esoteric concepts. After a few ad-hoc rounds of voting, Benjamin Franklin earned the first spot on the wall of fame, along with 4.5 other worthy contenders.

After the excitement of breakfast, the interns headed to building 49 to watch the midterm presentations of all the students. With so many students presenting, it was difficult to keep to the strict schedule, but they all did a stellar job. After the presentations finally finished, the interns got lunch and about 2 hours of work done.

Heading back to the Stud, the Glennterns prepared themselves for some socializing with the theme of the letter “W.” Some deep discussions were had, and a good time was had by all.

Friday, July 10th, 2009

The group awoke to do some tidying of their rooms before their parents and friends arrived for family weekend. Breakfast still held exciting events, as usual. Jon brought orange juice with him because he liked his own orange juice better than the from-concentrate version. There was some talk of wedding proposals using the plastic ring for the seal from the orange juice, but it did not last long.

At 9 a.m., the group headed to the Admin Building to hear Sheila Bailey speak on the world of photovoltaics. After the discussion, they ate lunch with Shelia Bailey (minus Shelia Bailey eating lunch, as she watched them eat and spoke for an hour and a half). Her boisterous personality and seasoned traveling interested the interns in NASA and enjoying life. The interns picked up Cedar Point tickets at the new exchange store before heading back to work.

The interns, along with their families who had arrived at the Stud, left for the Kankam home and arrived at 7:00 exactly, the time intended by the hosts. Everyone had a lovely time. Brendan and Anup had a deep conversation. The Barr clan learned the group’s escapades in Washington D.C., but were not much surprised. Kamara, an Academy alumus from several years previous, joined the fun as well. Around 18 people were able to attend, and yet again the Kankams had much too much food, so Mrs. Dr. Kankam insisted that everyone take lots of food home.

Saturday, July 12th, 2009

Anup and Brendan left at 10:00 a.m. to begin their pilgrimage to William McKinley’s mausoleum. Taken in by the splendor and grandeur of the final resting place of America’s 16th best president, they proceeded up the hill to enter the grandiose door. With Brendan removing his hat, they took a moment of silence to pay homage and remember the life of the man who led our country from 1897-1901. After a brief unplanned detour to the NFL hall of fame, the two proceeded back to the metro park to kick off the festivities.

The families all jaunted over to the Glenn Visitor Center, where they toured the exhibits and saw a short film on one of the Space Shuttle missions to the ISS. Following that, the group proceeded to the Rocky River Cleveland Metro Park for an afternoon barbecue, where they met alumnus Omar and set out the food. Corn hole was played by all, and all the families mingled together well. Harkirat claimed that she had never played before, but she was very successful against all of her opponents. Adam, his girlfriend, and family played a competitive game of Mafia, which, despite its name, involves only talk. Kyle, an academy alumni from 2007, joined the festivities with his girlfriend.

Later that evening, Jamie and mother visited Crocker Park, an outdoor shopping center where they spent most of the time in Barnes and Noble. On their way back, Andrew A., Jamie’s brother Jack, Harkirat, Brendan, and Anup claimed they were starving half-to-death, so Jamie joined them for dinner. There was much discord regarding where to spend their last meal of the day, but Harkirat somehow convinced everyone to go for Aladdin’s Eatery, a middle-eastern restaurant at Crocker Park. Conversation included where the story of Aladdin really came from, and what Kibe really is made of. Anup, despite his complaining about the distance from the Stud, admitted he enjoyed his meal. It involved hummus–it was bound to please.