National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 5 Summary

By Andrew A. and Andrew H.

Week 5 Photos

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Sunday was a quiet day for the Glennterns at the Stud. Many took advantage of the lack of an officially sanctioned Academy activity by sleeping in that morning, a luxury which is quite rare for the active Academyites. Jon and Jamie spent the day visiting their respective significant others, Adam was visiting friends and family at home, and the rest of the gang hung around the Stud for the majority of the day. Anup, Andrew H., and Brendan decided to go out to lunch and then work on the group project when they returned.

They watched the USA vs. Brazil soccer match as the US was trying to win its first major soccer championship. After taking a 2-0 lead they lost because they cannot perform in the clutch. Much of the afternoon was spent on group project activities (and was quite productive). Andrew H. then went out with an old high school friend to a comedy club while Anup, Brendan, and a few others decided to go out for dinner. Andrew A. took advantage of his empty room by playing some really loud country music and cooking some tasty dinner.

Monday, June 29th, 2009

The Glennterns awoke again in a haze,
Left the Stud, to Glenn café for food.
Conversations turned to ol’ Billy Mays,
To Anup meeting that righteous sales dude.

The day was as normal as one could be
The only hitch a lunch microwave line.
Post work, a group ran like cheetahs set free
Jon and Andrew’s West Gate trip was divine.

A riveting RAP session then took place.
With talk of trips and music vids ahead.
Convos were normal, of jokes, quotes, and space
All were quite happy when all had been said.

Even if standard, the day was still fun,
Because soon we’ll have one real sweet rail gun.

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Tuesday was both a day of accomplishment and tragedy for the young Glennterns. The day started out (as per usual) with a “scrum-didaly-umptious” breakfast at the Glenn cafeteria. The group then proceeded to their respective workplaces for a morning consumed by work on their individual projects. Around 11:20 a.m., the gang headed over to building 49 to meet with Dr. R. Joe Shaw for the purpose of their group project midterm review. After 45 minutes of casual conversation concerning the interns’ (and Dr. Shaw’s) experience with NASA, three pizzas, 12 refreshments, and a large amount of Styrofoam plates had been consumed, we began to talk about the group’s progress. Andrew H. and Jon tag-teamed the summary put together for this meeting. After much discussion, Dr. Shaw was impressed about the progress that the Glennterns had been making and the meeting was adjourned.

Since tours of the “sandbox, ” or the SLOPE Facility Summary,  as well as the Glenn Aircraft Hangar Summary were scheduled to take place just 15 minutes after the meeting with Dr. Shaw, the Glennterns decided to crash in Anup’s office for a while. The tours were very interesting. After the tours, the interns dispersed to their respective work locations and did some more work.

Immediately following work, the Glennterns split up and did some shopping for the group project. Adam, the Andrews, and Jamie went to Hobbies Etc. and RadioShack to obtain supplies for their railgun experiment. Jon, Brendan, and Anup went to the Home Depot to get other supplies and then stopped at the candy shop. Kristin and Harkirat just went to the candy shop.

After this little adventure, Omar Mireles visited the Glennterns visited the Glennterns and gave a short presentation on his current work with nuclear propulsion. The group had a good question-and-answer session about graduate school processes and his perspective on the Academy as an alumnus. Andrew A. took some much needed measurements of the materials gathered during the day.

After running a few calculations Andrew realized that the rail gun would be too wimpy to fire a fast projectile using the current technology and some sort of re-design would be necessary. Andrew did not want to immediately believe these calculations and so spent the last few hours of his night pouring over his calculations, looking for any error. To his dismay, none could be found and he had to quietly admit defeat.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday started off with breakfast at Glenn. Following a morning’s worth of work, the Glennterns headed down to the Admin Building to listen to an interesting presentation by Matt Melis concerning the Columbia Accident Investigation. The group got some posters of the space shuttle. The remaining hours of the work day was spent on individual project work. At 4:00pm, Anup called Andrew A., Jon, Brendan, and Harkirat to remind them that he was picking them up for the big picnic which was being held that afternoon.

The food at the picnic was distinctly different (sausage, chicken, veggie thing-a-ma-bobs) from your typical picnic food of burgers and dogs. The Academyites had a good time speaking with some of the PIs and talking with the other Glennterns at the picnic.

Upon returning to the Stud, Andrew H., Jon, Kristin, Brendan, and Harkirat decided to go on a run. Afterward, the group held a meeting to discuss some issues that came up concerning their group project. Andrew A. decided to fool around with some of the capacitors gathered during the week. Little did he know that Jon had decided to glue together the plastic box which contained said capacitors and, as a result, he Gorilla-glued his fingers together. Later that evening, “Good Will Hunting” was the movie of choice, which happens to be Andrew H.’s third favorite movie of all time.

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

The sun seemed to shine a shade slightly more gold and the sky was definitely a tinge bluer when the Glennterns awoke Thursday morning. This may or may not have been because they were going to the great state of West Virginia that night, but I don’t know, I’m not a meteorologist. The day was normal, and, without knowing it, the group celebrated two consecutive weeks of no U-turns in the morning commute because of a forgotten item. The day was long as all were so excited for that evening and the three-day weekend ahead.

After a routine work day, Kristin and Andrew H. went to go pick up the rental cars. They got a sweet 2010 Ford Focus with 6 miles on it. Everyone packed and the group departed the Stud around six. The trip was long and had some eventful stops. The first included a small town and some extreme pizza. Finally, around 11:00 the first car arrived in Morgantown, to the tune of “Good ‘Ol Morgantown.” Since the second car was lagging from an accidental brush with some poison ivy, Andrew H. took his group on a tour of the engineering campus including the wind tunnels.

The Glennterns then pulled into Andrew H.’s apartment. Andrew H. caught up with some friends that were around Morgantown for the summer, and the rest of the group settled into bed for the night.

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

The Academyites awoke extremely early once again on Friday morning. They departed the magical land of Morgantown and some watched it disappear in the distance, hoping they could penetrate its wondrous boundaries at some time in the future.

About 50 miles outside of Morgantown, Kristin’s car got a flat tire. Andrew A. quickly put the doughnut on and no major incidents were to be noted. They set off for the nearest Enterprise servicing center which turned out to be in a small town with a couple strip malls. The crew found a couple good places to advertise NASA’s greatness, even a mobile advertiser. They then ventured into a Ruby Tuesday’s and ate appetizers while the tire was changed. With no more incidents, the crew set off for Washington D.C.

The Glennterns, fresh tire and all, refused to stop again until they reached College Park, Maryland. They had missed the Goddard Academy’s cookout because of the flat, but still socialized for a while and then played some inter-Academy Frisbee. The group then ended up eating some awesome Gyros (pronounced Yeeros) in College Park. The group found out that some Goddardians were going salsa dancing in town. This was the best idea ever and Brendan began a crash course in teaching everyone to salsa.

After an hour and a half commute to the Salsa club Kristin, Harkirat, Andrew H, Anup, Brendan, and Jon cut loose on the floor with six of the Goddardians. Fun was had by all and by 1:30 a.m. all were pretty tired. They headed back and once again it was 3 a.m. turn in time on a very comfortable rug.

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

The Glennterns had yet another early morning, awaking at 9:30, much to the dismay of the salsa dancers. The group was trying to get into D.C. as soon as possible, but of course there was much delay and pedestrian U-turns. The metro ride was very busy, but the group eventually got to D.C. hoping to eat at Dickie’s Frozen Custard. It was closed, even though a sign explicitly said it was open on the 4th. The Glennterns ended up eating at a restaurant just down the road. Since Andrew H and Brendan had the 2 p.m. watch of the Academy spot for the fireworks, lunch was woofed down and the group walked toward the Washington Monument, but stopped at the White House along the way.

After cutting through the middle of a parade, Brendan and Andrew H. began their watch while the others explored D.C. The Glennterns all went their separate ways since everyone had a different watch but for the most part they all saw the same monuments. Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington were neat as well as the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum. The capitol was packed. Andrew H., along with Brendan, met up with some of Andrew H.’s friends who were in DC that went to school with him at WVU and did some eventful exploring. Brendan and Anup found their way to the Arlington National Cemetery which was some distance away but worth the trip.

At 8:30 p.m. the group reconvened at the Academy spot to view the fireworks. They were marvelous and lengthy and enjoyed by all. Jon’s watched the fireworks with his cousin, who works at the Federal Reserve. He was behind Bernanke in the ice cream line, so he ordered a matching ice cream desert of vanilla, chocolate and sprinkles. After the fireworks, the Glennterns were then led through all of D.C. by the Goddard Academy, and they passed some particularly entertaining fountains on the sidewalk. The group finally made it to Cosi. Brendan, who had gone to meet some friends, had given up on trying to meet the group for the labyrinth that is D.C. was defeating all.

Andrew H. then called one of his WVU friends who was an Ames Academy 08 Alum and planned to meet her in Georgetown at Mr. Smith’s. One of the Goaddard alums, Dan Hussein, joined Kristin, Andrew H., Jon and Anup on this adventure Georgetown. The Goddardians joined and much good conversation was had. After a harrowing trip back on the metro that involved running around the mostly-empty Metro Stations, the comfy rug greeted the tired D.C. crew for bed and the trip was winding down.