National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 1 Summary

By Kristin

Week 1 Photos

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

This is a true story of eight strangers, picked to live at the Stud in North Olmsted, Ohio, made to stay up long hours, work together, and party together to find out what happens when you take eight of the most qualified students throughout the US and bring them to the NASA Academy, attempt to remain polite, and always keep it real.

Sunday morning began for Kristin when she woke up, knowing that today was the day she would finally meet the 2009 Glenn Academy students. Around 11 a.m., as she was making a cup of tea, she got a text message from Jamie, who had just arrived in room 223. After finishing the dishes, Kristin made her way to Jamie’s room and they chatted for a bit about the Academy while Jamie unpacked. Jamie made some plans to head out and do some shopping in the afternoon before everyone arrived.

When Kristin left Jamie’s room, she noticed that Anup’s and Andrew A.’s door was ajar. She had not yet picked up Andrew from the airport, so she figured Anup must have arrived, but he was no-where to be seen. Kristin headed back to her room to keep working on a few things to get the academy ready for the summer. Around 1 p.m., she drove to the GetGo gas station to get discounted fuel courtesy of Giant Eagle. Her phone rang, and it was Andrew Abraham, whose plane had arrived early at the Cleveland Airport.

As soon as the gas was done filling, she made her way to the arrivals area of the Cleveland Airport, but it was very crowded. After a failed attempt at parallel parking, Kristin finally found Andrew, and was surprised at how little he had brought for 10 weeks to Cleveland. They made their way back to the Stud, by which time Andrew Harner had arrived. After introducing himself to Anup, Kristin and Andrew A. headed to Wal-Mart to stock up on a few things. Upon returning, Jon Barr had arrived as well and was unpacking his things.

Kristin next made her way back to the airport to pick up Harkirat. Harkirat’s plane was supposed to be half an hour late, but it ended up being about on time. Kristin met Harkirat on the departures level to try to avoid the traffic. When they got back to the Stud, Adam had arrived and his parents were just departing. Everyone was now waiting for Dr. Kankam, the director of the NASA Glenn Academy, to arrive at the Stud to introduce himself to the group.

Dr. Kankam talked about the Academy for about half an hour, giving everyone a first taste of what their experience might be like. Dr. Kankam departed, and the group walked across the street and several parking lots to Harry Buffalo’s, which was relatively empty. We watched trivia questions on TV as we ate our meal. Afterwards, we headed back to Kristin’s room. We then watched last year’s video of the summer, and Kristin presented each RA with their Academy portfolios and profile books. Everyone was tired after the travel day and had to be up early in the morning, so everyone headed to bed.

Monday, June 1st, 2009

The day started very early for the tired Academyites, who began their (hopefully) earliest morning with a 6:35 a.m. roll call in the 2nd floor hallway of the Stud. Wearing suits or jackets and ties, everyone looked quite sharp.

We arrived at Glenn at Building 500 at 6:50 a.m., and Kristin quickly began finding out if the other interns that had arrived were part of the University Programs office or a separate set of programs. She found each intern or faculty member on her list and gave them a name tag. The Academyites received their badges and headed to the Visitors Center on Glenn’s main campus, where they waited around for awhile as the other interns trickled in and they helped set up.

The orientation consisted of Dr. Ji-Fen Lei, Dr. Joe Shaw, Dr. Kankam, the Physical Security talk, the HazComm talk and movie, and the Computer Security talk. The mentors arrived at noon to pick up the students. Jamie’s, Andrew H.’s, and a girl named Kelsey’s mentors did not arrive, so they walked to the Cafeteria for lunch. Jamie sat with Harkirat and her mentor, who are all in the same research group. Kristin drove Kelsey and Andrew to their buildings, then returned to her own office and frantically worked to get the papers for the evening session printed before the interns returned.

At 4:00, Anup and Kristin drove around to pick everyone up and head to building 49. Kristin tried to get the projector to work for her Academy Orientation presentation, but it took about fifteen minutes and three people to get it to work. In the meanwhile, the Academyites played a memory game, each having to repeat the name, school, degree, hometown, and favorite ice cream of the people before them. Kristin was sneaky and got out of doing this exercise while being exasperated with the projector. Anup was the savior of the day, finally persuading the computer to transmit to the projector.

Following Kristin’s presentation, the Academyites headed back the Stud. At 8 PM, everyone entered the conference room for our first RAP session. Kristin brought in some food to placate the interns. The RAP session commenced, much paper was handed out, but few questions were asked. All the interns were probably tired after an early morning. At 9:30, everyone went back to their rooms for the remainder of the evening. Andrew H. was surprised to find out that Kristin had not even seen 4 out of his top 5 movies.

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

This was probably just about the most normal day the Academyites would ever see. We headed out the door at 7:15 and rolled into the Glenn Cafeteria for their first group breakfast.

Just before 8, everyone headed to work. Jon, Andrew A., Andrew H., Adam, and Kristin ate lunch in the cafeteria.

A group meeting commenced at 7 p.m. for the RA’s to begin talking about the group project. Many ideas were thought of, but most of them got shot down pretty quickly. They decided to meet again the following evening.

Then Jon, the Andrews, Kristin, and Jamie made their way back to Harry Buffalo’s to watch the Penguins/Redwings playoff game. The cokes had too much syrup in them. Andrew A. and Jon contemplated whether provolone sticks were much different from mozzarella sticks. After some drinks and food, the Penguins won the game in the last period, and we all headed back to the Stud, ready to crash for the night. Harkirat and Adam had stayed behind to work on school assignments.

Wednesday, June 4th, 2009

Wednesday began at the same time as the day before, and many many of the days to follow, 7:15 a.m. After arriving at the Glenn Cafeteria, Kristin showed the RAs how to use the video camera. After heading to work, a mere 45 minutes later, Kristin and Anup made the rounds to pick up the RAs and head back to building 500 to have the Code R orientation with the LERCIP interns. Dr. Jih-Fen Lei presented the org chart and all the research directorate heads spoke about their research areas. Dr. Lei and many of the other speakers encouraged the students to ask about anything they had questions about and drop by their offices to give feedback on the programs.

Andrew H. and Jamie went to the Green Forum presentation in the afternoon, which was mostly about what kinds of Energy Technologies are being studied at Glenn. Kristin worked on booking the California trip with Ila Pearl from OAI, and it took a little longer than expected, so she went to pick people up just before 5.

Andrew H. and Kristin went for a run. At 7 PM, the RAs had another group meeting. Kristin then brought everyone the skydiving video from Skydive Space Center to watch, which fired everyone up. Eight people were definite for skydiving, and last person was wavering. Kristin packed for her trip back to Massachusetts.

Thursday, June 5th, 2009

The day began with a little confusion because for the first (and likely only time), Kristin was not driving to Glenn, so Jamie and Andrew H. drove. However, Kristin first forgot the Academy hard drive (before leaving the parking lot) and then realized she had also forgotten her badge (once we had just turned onto Brookpark Road). After that detour, the Academyites all arrived at the cafeteria, where Andrew A. instructed us on the fine art of speaking Klingon.

After dropping everyone off at work, Kristin frantically printed things for the upcoming week before she left at 10:30 for her graduation at MIT, but everyone else had a pretty normal day. Anup went to play tennis with the Glenn tennis club. People hung out and enjoyed their evening.

Friday, June 6th, 2009

TGIF! The Glennterns got themselves to Glenn this morning. The interns organized ordering tickets for the Indians game and then made their way to work. That afternoon, they all went to the Young Professionals picnic out on the picnic grounds. A number of them played Frisbee for two hours.

After the picnic, the RAs headed to the movies to watch a late showing of the new Star Trek movie, a worthy flick. Brendan’s first plane was late and he missed his connection, so the RAs picked him up after the movie.

Saturday, June 7th, 2009

The RAs began their scheduled day at noon, when they divided into teams and opened their instructions for the teambuilding exercises. Jon, Jamie, Andrew A., and Harkirat were on team “Agent 99,” and drove in Jamie’s car. Andrew H., Anup, Adam, and Brendan were on team nameless. The photo scavenger hunt sent the RA’s all over North Olmsted and around Glenn, and downtown Cleveland. The trickiest photo was that of the WestLake Bi-Rite, whose name was not prominent.

Team Nameless noticed an “Olmsted Ice” sign and tried calling random numbers with the same area code and first three numbers and eventually found someone who knew where a the specialty store was. The teams had fun posing in front of the rock and roll hall of fame, the COD submarine, various guitars, and other landmarks. They arrived at the Hard Rock Café for dinner at 6:30 to meet none other than… MaryBeth, a 2008 Glenntern! She was in town and ready to celebrate the end of team building for the day with the 2009 interns.

It was a busy evening, and it took the group a while to get seated. However, once everyone got to eat, people were happier. MaryBeth chatted with the 2009 Glennterns and told them some stories from the previous summer. Everyone headed back to the Stud, but not before team “Agent 99” lived up to their name and took a few scenic detours on the way back from Cleveland.