National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

R. Joe Shaw

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009, Glenn Research Center – Cleveland, OH

Dr. Joe Shaw met with the NASA Glenn Academy over lunch, specifically to discuss the state of the Academy and our NASA experience as a whole. Dr. Shaw was very open and inviting in his questions asking the students what their likes and dislikes of the overall program were. There was no universal answer, as some students have enjoyed their work and mentors while others were having a harder time (at that point in their experience) fitting in with their mentor and/or department. Dr. Shaw listened with interest and took the groups comments to heart so that the center could offer a better summer experience in the future.

With this, the discussion moved towards the overall experience and if the interns were interested in working for the center full time after their summer here. The reaction was mostly positive, but an honest variety of answers continued to flow and Dr. Shaw remained quite interested in what we had to say. He filled the Academy group in on the past and future hiring processes and urged us to get into the system now, seeing as NASA appears to be on the verge of the next big hiring wave, due to its aging worker base.

Dr. Shaw also discussed how the current direction of NASA, with the election of President Obama, in a critical time right now, but assured us that if you do good work, you’ll be in a good position to have a job. Management acting proactively and the need for Glenn to go out and secure big projects (like the Ares I-X Upper Stage Simulator) was stressed.

After that, the Academyites presented the current state of the group project, and Dr. Shaw offered to give us whatever help he could. We did mention that we could use a space on the Glenn campus to work and any sort of sensors and equipment that the center could provide would be a huge help; Dr. Shaw very graciously promised to help us make some contacts.

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