National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 6 Summary

By: Mehran & Sabrina

Sunday – June 29, 2008:
Today was the last day of our first, and only, completely free weekend. I, Mehran, personally didn’t do anything—just lying on my bed and thinking. Most of us spend the day taking care of personal stuff and trying to either get as much rest as possible or finish some work. I think Kim, Tom, Mary Beth and I were all thinking about having some “me” time after the conversation we had in my car a few days earlier. If you don’t remember, I’m talking about the conversation that ended up with me telling Tom, jokingly, that I just wanna wake up one morning and not see your face. Uh, I’m such a horrible person. But I think he knows that I love him—like a brother of course.

Monday – June 30, 2008:
Back to work after a very relaxing, “me time-filled” weekend. The Glennterns performed their usual morning routine, meet outside their hotel room doors and “wait on Sabrina”…sike. Ah ha!!! To everyone’s surprise, she was actually early this morning, standing outside waiting for everyone else. Mary Beth decided to stay out for the weekend, so this morning was the first time we had seen her since Friday. Off to work we went in Jay’s “Hot Ride” and Tom’s “Kawl Corolla.” Five minutes later…back to Da Stud in Tom’s “Kawl Corolla,” because he forgot his badge. “So much for the apple cinnamon oatmeal,” someone in Tom’s car exclaimed. And that person was right, by the time we got to Glenn’s Famous Cafeteria, all the apple cinnamon oatmeal had vanished. It was ok though because there were plenty of eggs, bagels, and hot water to go around.

The morning hours went by pretty fast. The Glennterns took lunch a little early to get back to Glenn in time for our Ares Manufacturing Facility and 10 x 10 Supersonic Wind Tunnel Tours. The tours were very informative. The tour of the Ares Manufacturing Facility gave us a visual, as well as, an understanding of the amount of hard work and labor that goes into constructing the components for the Ares test vehicle. During the tour of the 10 x 10 Supersonic Wind Tunnel Facility, we learned that the 10 x 10 supersonic wind tunnel can operate as an open or closed loop system with test speeds up to 3 times the speed of sound.

Tuesday – July 1, 2008:
This was a typical day at work, no meeting, no talk, no tour, no nothing. When we got back to the Stud, Ephraim, Jay, Tom, Kristin, and I (after a long break for me) went running. Tom and I ran two laps; halfway through the second lap Tom asked me to slow down and I was like: “dude, I thought you were the one running faster.” Anyhow, we never figured who was keeping up with who. The evening nothing happened, everyone was in their rooms. Later that night Kristin came over to “Da Boys” room. Ephraim, Tom and Kristin went to Ephraim’s room, shot the door, and worked on the project—don’t worry guys, I was watching them and plus, they’re good kids. A little bit later, I joined them to show some videos of model rockets equipped with video cameras.

Wednesday – July 2, 2008:
Today was a pretty relax day. The Glennterns had a wonderful day of work, followed by an evening full of more “me-time.” T-Vo spent his evening with his boo, Mary Beth hung out with firends, while the rest of the Glennterns chillaxed and packed for our West Virginia/D.C. trip.

Thursday – July 3, 2008:
Finally Thursday, last day of this week, and also a short work day. We all did the routines: cafeteria, work, lunch at the Stud, and then back to work. But we took off earlier from work to go back and get ready to go on another road trip. I, personally, had been waiting for this trip for a very long time because on our way to DC we were gonna stop by my place in Morgantown, WV. Tom, Jay and I went to get the rental cars. Jay had completely forgotten that his credit card had expired a couple of days earlier, so we had to go back to the Stud and get his new credit card and go back to get his rental car—it’s cool dude, it happens. We left North Olmsted at around 7:30ish and we were in Morgantown around 11:00ish. Oh, home sweet home, I had never missed Motown this much before. Anyhow, after unloading our stuff we went to Kroger to buy some food for breakfast. Post Kroger we all called it a night.

Friday – July 4, 2008:
Happy Independence Day!!!!! What better way to spend the 4th of July then at the nation’s capitol??!! After getting some “good” sleep at Mehran’s townhouse, the crew headed off to D.C. in the pouring rain. Hope everyone remembered to bring their umbrella because this was going to be a wet one. By the time the team reached Greenbelt Station, the rain cleared and the sun beamed on our shiny foreheads. The train ride wasn’t so bad. For those of us used to riding the dirty New York City subways, the stations were actually clean and pleasant.

Once we made it to D.C., the first thing many noticed was the ancient buildings. All the buildings were surrounded by beautiful ancient sculptures that looked as if Leonardo Da Vinci made them himself. There were so many people enjoying the outside festivities. The Glennterns enjoyed the history of aerospace inside the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Although some of us visited the Smithsonian before, the artifacts meant so much more to us this time around because we have learned so much about them from our Academy experience.

After about two hours of sunshine, it started to rain, and it rained off and on for the duration of our time in D.C. We met up with the Goddard Academy by a tree in front of the Washington Monument and manned our “fireworks-viewing spot” during our assigned times. Meeting the Goddterns was great.

After almost nine hours of waiting, the fireworks show finally started around 9:15 pm. The show was short, but great. Everyone, except Kim, was amazed by the beautiful lights and patterns. However, Kim was more fascinated by the sounds of the fireworks and the “BOOM” feeling she got in her chest every time the firecrackers exploded.

After the fireworks, we headed to the train station…well at least that’s what most of us thought. However, we spend about an hour touring the beautiful city, trying to figure out if we were being lead in the right direction toward the correct train station. It was great!!! Everyone let their true sides show and we all got to know each other a little better. See, now that’s how REAL teams are built!!!

Saturday – July 5, 2008:
Saturdayyyyyyieeeaahhhhhhh. All of us woke up around noon. Ephraim checked the weather and we figured that it was gonna be cloudy at Green Bank. After a very long discussion, we called off our trip to the Green Bank Telescope. It was a nice day and I suggested a tour of WVU to everyone. Around 3:30 we left the house and went to walk around WVU’s downtown and engineering campuses and the law school. I was hoping to show the flight simulator to everyone but unfortunately the lab was locked. Afterwards, we all went to the movies. Ephraim and Kristin went to see Wall-E and Kim, Sabrina, Jay, Mary Beth, Tom, and I went to see Hancock. After that we all went to Hibachis Japanese Steak House and had a great meal. Then we made a quick stop by Walgreens and went bowling. We played a few strings, but no one could top Tom’s outstanding bowling skills.