National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 3 Summary

By: MaryBeth and Sabrina

Sunday – June 8, 2008
The day began with Kristin, Kim, Sabrina, Tom, Mary Beth and Mehran trying to convince Ephraim that he should sleep in the tent with the rest of us at Kentuck Campground in Ohiopyle State Park. All the Glennterns slept together in the six to seven person turquoise family size tent before our exciting tour of the Youghiogheny River. Each of us got ready and helped make breakfast, tear down the tent or clean up the campsite.

As we headed to the river, the excitement and nervousness was growing. There were decisions to be made about hairstyles, sunglasses and wetsuits. Bob, our White Water Adventures tour guide, demonstrated how to wear the ever-so-sexy red/orange/reddish orange life jackets and fashionable blue head gear. We loaded onto a school bus to arrive at the bank of the river to receive instruction about how to paddle, to follow signals and no matter the circumstances, Do Not Stand Up!

The Academyites gathered their oars and placed them in the raft and struggled to get the boat up over their heads and down to the river. Once in the boat, we pulled together like an orbiter crew. We had a rotating captain which made communication hard at some times but we pulled it off. Not one of us got thrown off the boat into the river. That’s not to say that we didn’t dive in ourselves to battle the intense heat. A few of us (Ephraim and Jay) got thrown around in the boat and MaryBeth got a good whiff of a paddle when one hit her in the nose. After a few hardcore rapids, we pulled off for lunch on a beach and enjoyed sandwiches, fruit and cookies. We made it through the rest of our 7.5 mile journey down river and pulled the boat on shore. We then finished our adventure with another magic yellow school bus adventure through the hills of Pennsylvania.

Upon returning to the parking lot Kim and Sabrina went to clean up while Mehran, Kristin, Mary Beth and Ephraim bought shirts. Once the group was whole again we headed to a natural water slide contained within the park. Mehran faced an epic challenge of finding a parking spot, and eventually discovered the glory of not getting a $500 ticket from blocking a handicapped parking space. Kim was on the phone or trying to be on the phone due to poor reception and resorted to text messages. Ephraim, Mehran and Mary Beth played in the water and watched Kristin go down the slide. Kristin lost her water shoe and in the process got a few bruises on her foot and arm while Sabrina captured it all on video. Tom and Jay each took their turns on the slide and both came off saying the same thing, “Ouch!”. After the three watersliders reached the bottom a search party was sent out for the missing shoe with only one result – a broken sole. Our weekend was capped off by getting lost yet again, but this time in Jones Mill, PA. We found the turnpike and headed home for Ohio! Tom discovered that his watch face was cracked – must have been that crazy waterslide.

On the journey home Tom, Kristin and Mary Beth played Contact and discovered that Tom doesn’t know much about women’s clothing. We all arrived back to the Stud and unloaded the cars before a rather scary looking thunderstorm hit. Jay, Tom and Mehran took the rental cars back to the airport and the rest of us chillaxed for the remainder of the night and did some laundry.

Monday – June 9, 2008
At 7:15, the Glennterns left the Stud for another morning of wonderful cuisine at the Glenn Cafeteria. Everybody was pretty tired. Mary Beth went to medical services to have her nose looked at because of the close encounter she had had with a paddle the day before on the river. It wasn’t broken, just bruised.

We all headed off to work and by lunchtime, Kristin, Ephraim, Tom and Mary Beth could be found eating at a Division cookout. The rest of the day went smoothly and then we went back to the Stud. After a quick 20 minute stay at the hotel, we loaded up in three cars due to a needed screen and projector for our evening speaker. We headed downtown to the Old Angle Tavern in Cleveland to meet Marc Millis, our guest speaker and Kim’s Principal Investigator.

We had dinner in a basement conference room and chatted about our feelings towards NASA, career goals and more. Dr. Millis showed us his Star Trek communicator and thought that it was odd that he had a cell phone, which is essentially the same thing, before he had the toy. After dinner, the screen and projector were set up and Dr. Millis began his presentation.

About 3/4 of the way through the talk, the power went out and we were submerged in darkness. The power came back on and within minutes it was dark again. After an hour or so of questions, Dr. Millis headed out and the Academyites followed suit. Jay and Ephraim went back to the Stud while Tom, Mary Beth, Sabrina, Kim, Mehran and Kristin took a wrong turn on Lorain Avenue and wound up on an adventure through Lakewood to return to the Stud. After a late night return, the rap session was moved to Tuesday night.

Tuesday – June 10, 2008
The day started off great like always, muggy with gray skies, got to love the Cleveland weather. The Glennterns headed to Glenn around their usual time and got caught in a somewhat heavy rainstorm. Because Jay was afraid to get his hair wet, Ephraim, Mehran, Sabrina and Jay waited in Jay’s car hoping the heavy rain would cease. Tom, Kristin, Kim and Mary Beth were already in the cafeteria starting to make their breakfast. The fire alarm went off and oddly everyone placed their food back in its place. They hurried out of room quickly as the cafeteria was being put under lock down. During this time, the rain didn’t cease, so everyone in Jay’s car made a run for the cafeteria and got wet anyway. A few minutes later the fire alarm stopped and we enjoyed a “glorious” breakfast.

After breakfast, off to work we went. By lunchtime the rain had stopped. After lunch, the Glennterns joined the other NASA interns and faculty to listen to what Sabrina thought was going to be this week’s “nap launch.” However, after a long 30-minute wait, Matt Melis made a great presentation on the “Columbia Accident Investigation.” This presentation was AWESOME and the people who usually take naps during presentations stayed awake!!!

Once 5:00 p.m. hit, the Glennterns raced to “Da Stud” for what they thought was going to be a relaxing Tuesday. “Lights out!!!” The lights went out right before we left for a grocery excursion. After returning from Giant Eagle (grocery store) the Glennterns noticed that the lights were not back on yet and a plan was devised to go out to dinner and hold the rap session at Olive Garden. The lights came back on literally as we were headed out the door…Ba Hum Bug. After some discussion the marvelous plan of holding the rap session at Olive Garden was scrapped and the Academyites re-entered the Stud for dinner and the usual meeting.

Wednesday – June 11, 2008
After breakfast this morning the Academy headed off to our designated buildings and reconvened a short time later to attend a NASA Green Forum. Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell from NASA’s Langley Research Center talked about our climate change and how we need to adjust our use and production of fuel. Dr. Mark McDowell from Glenn then presented his research using halophytic plants and the brand spanking new GreenLab greenhouse on-site to further fuel development for aeronautics.

Next we all headed out to the parking lot where we found a cool rocket named Centaur; a group photo was taken to commemorate the occasion. Tom, Kristin, Mehran and Mary Beth then went shopping in the Exchange Store. After lunch, we all returned to our labs to do some space-centered research. We headed to the Stud after work. Tom and Jay went for a run. Kim was feeling a bit better and asked to borrow a pot to make some peas. Kristin went for a run before our group meeting about the project at 7ish. Kim left early to go to sleep. Our meeting lasted until 9:30 at which point Sabrina had a conference call to take. Ephraim and Mehran stayed in the conference room and proceeded to analyze complex physics/engineering problems long into the evening. Tom, Kristin, and Jay decided that science was not on their agenda for the evening and decided instead to watch the newest James Bond flick – Casino Royale. Mary Beth joined them a bit later after working out in the “hoity-toity” exercise room of the Stud.

Thursday – June 12, 2008
At 7:15 a.m. (maybe even 7:20 a.m.) the Glennterns opened their room doors assuming to see Jay up and ready to head off to work. To their surprise, they opened the door to see no Jay. However, Kim sat outside her room door reading some notes. “Where’s Jay?” someone asked. “Is he even awake?” T-Vo asked. “Yeah, he’s awake. Almost immediately, a happy Jay came out of his room door ready for a fun-filled day at work. Joyous as always, the Glennterns headed to Glenn to enjoy what was always an exciting breakfast. Today was a good day, no meetings after work, only time to relax (with no power outage this time), and watch the Boston Celtics beat down on the L.A. Lakers.

Friday – June 13, 2008
Thank God for Friday!!! Today is Jay’s BIG day. Will he be the next Top Gun??? Guess he’ll have to wait until Monday to find out about the Air Force. Today was a breeze: 10 a.m. presentation by Dave Snyder about balloon assisted launches, shopping at the Exchange Store for jackets and our dads (father’s day presents), and then finally a post office stop to send our Father’s Day gifts off. A trip to Giant Eagle was also needed to buy Cedar Point tickets for tomorrow’s planned trip.

What’s a Friday night without doing it right??!! All the Glennterns except Mary Beth, Sabrina and Kim joined the rest of the NASA interns at Shooters on Lake Erie for a night full of networking and partying. Kim and Mary Beth went to get manicures and/or pedicures at a local nail salon. And as it turns out, the Academyites who went clubbing wound up at Silk the nightclub, next to Shooters, in the Flats.

Saturday – June 14, 2008
“Sabrina…?” Jay calls out as Kristin, Mehran, Ephraim and Jay perform their usual 10-minute “wait on Sabrina” act. They were very excited today because they would be heading to Cedar Point. Around 9:00 a.m., “The Five” crammed into Mehran’s hot ride and headed to Sandusky. Cedar Point was great. The group got on all the major roller coasters, from the Mean Streak to the Dragster. Ephraim apparently made a lamb look at the camera while enjoying the petting zoo at America’s Rockin’ Roller Coast.

As for the other Academyites, Kim enjoyed a relaxing day of doing whatever she wanted. Mary Beth went to a friend’s wedding in Southern Ohio and Tom had a meeting concerning an event in the fall.