National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Week 1 (June 4-10)


  • 7:30am Photo ID badges and breakfast at the Glenn cafeteria
  • 8:30am Orientation in 3-225
    • Overview of university programs
    • Hazardous materials training
    • Computer security lecture
    • Glenn Security lecture
    • Overview of Glenn Academy
  • 11:45am met with PIs and had lunch
  • 1-3:30pm tours of Electric Propulsion Lab, wind tunnel
  • waited for rain to clear
  • 3:30pm met again with PIs
  • waited for people to come back from meeting with PIs
  • headed back to StudioPLUS
  • rap session in men’s triple, discussed the plan for the week, skydiving in Florida
  • Helped Stephanie and Jennifer move out of room with dripping air conditioner
  • Ran to Target and other stores
  • 10:30pm discussed group projects


  • breakfast
  • 8am-4:30pm, worked with PIs
  • 6:30pm met to discuss group project
  • Some went shopping and saw movie at the $4 Theater. Others slept and packed for KSC.


  • Academy 7:15 Breakfast at the cafe
  • 8am-4pm, Worked with PIs
  • 4pm, Talked to drop tower guy about dropping a heart to study backwash in heart valves in microgravity
  • 4:50pm rounded up everyone and went to airport. Kamara and Mike dished out our Academy gift: leather black Academy portfolios
  • 7:35pm flight to Orlando, delayed from 6:35pm
  • waited a long time to get rental car
  • went to bed at like 1am
Week 1 - June 4-10 (Waiting at Airport)

Week 1 - June 4-10 (Flight)


  • left house at 6:45am
  • got stopped and canine searched outside Kennedy Space Center (KSC)
  • got "breakfast" from a snack stand at the visitor center-a Danish, an orange, and a drink, on average
  • hung out at the visitor center until our tour at 10am
  • this crow kept following us, and we saw a gecko
  • looked at parts of the International Space Station (ISS) to be added
  • looked at shuttle being repaired
  • inspected the launch site
  • saw IMAX movie about the history and future of lunar exploration
  • rode shuttle launch simulation
  • went to KSC visitor center gift shop
  • Exciting dinner at Olive Garden (OG) with GRC clan
    • So the OG didn’t have the biscotti for Kamara’s Almond Cappuccino, so the manager sent someone out to buy some. They didn’t get it before we left, so Kamara got a $20 gift certificate. Wow! Amazing the power of nice.
  • Jess got so slaphappy she almost choked to death on grated cheese.
  • stopped at Kinkos and WalMart
  • tried to get some sleep in the van while going between places throughout the day
  • Started PowerPoint of 3 group project ideas on the ride to Olive Garden
  • Finished and presented the PowerPoint after returning from WalMart around 10:30pm
  • Watched bits of the Cavaliers game (which wasn’t going well)
  • put some bubble bath in the hot tub
  • tried out the screened-in pool in our gorgeous Florida rental home on the property
Week 1 -June 4-10 (Off the Tour Bus at KSC) Week 1 - June 4-10 (Day Before Launch)
Week 1 - June 4-10 (Shuttle Underside)


  • 12:30pm breakfast at IHOP
  • bought subs and snacks at Publix to eat while waiting for the launch
  • fixed Ashley’s umbrella with a paper clip
  • camped out at the launch site and recorded/took pictures of the launch
  • decided to join Goddard to go clubbing
  • took pictures of guy smoking a pipe in the car behind us, and a hot-looking black car
  • tried to read technical manuscripts from PI on the van ride (two of us)
  • Showed each other our scars and told the stories behind them
  • Stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom
  • Tried to sleep the rest of the way back
  • Decided the clubbing wasn’t happening
  • Got back to the house a little after 1am, 5 hours after we set out from KSC
    • "I like to shake" –Kyle
    • "I don’t want this seatbelt anymore. I don’t like it touching me." –Jess
    • "Guess what?" –Stephanie (on several occasions); Answer: "We’re going skydiving!"
Week 1 - June 4-10 (Shuttle Launch) Week 1 - June 4-10 (Shuttle Smoke Trail)
Week 1 - June 4-10 (Pink Umbrella Bernard)


  • Left at 6am to go skydiving
  • Slept in the van
  • The Academy girls skydove and the guys watched, then we all put on jumpsuits for a group photo
  • Played the telephone game in the van
    • "Purple pumpkins pompously parade past barricaded pink ponies" -Kyle’s telephone game sentence
  • Dropped film from skydiving photos at Target, ate brunch at Panera, picked up photos and headed to the beach
  • Headed for the Beach
  • Tried to take naps on beach towels, hotel towels, or just the sand
  • Went out into the water and played a game of Marco Polo that everyone in the water tried to join
  • Borrowed a football from some random strangers and passed it back and forth
  • Asked two beefy guys at the volleyball court if we could play with them, the four of us against them
  • Played volleyball, with random people leaving and joining periodically
  • Changed back into clothes and left for infamous restaurant, Coconuts on the Beach
  • Jess decided she’d never want a steak milkshake
  • Wandered around to find a parking spot, taking pictures of a Corvette there
  • Sat out on the porch by the live band. The music was good, but it was hard to hear each other.
  • Managed to pay our separate checks, mostly with debit cards, in spite of the frazzled waitress
  • Left around 9pm and didn’t get home until at least 11pm
  • Showered and went to bed as quickly as possible

Week 1 - June 4-10 (Skydiving)


  • 5:30am, left house for airport
  • tried to sleep in van
  • turned in the van at Thrifty
  • 7am, got through security and started waiting
  • got breakfast from the ice cream and pastry place near our gate
  • arrived in Cleveland a little after 10am
  • Stephanie’s pink checked luggage never showed up
  • Took the shuttle back to Glenn and cars back to the hotel
  • Agreed to meet and work on group project at 4pm, after taking naps, eating lunch, and doing laundry
  • Met around 4pm, but everyone wasn’t there yet, so we decided to wait
  • Stephanie left with Kamara to pick up Rebecca (and Stephanie’s bag, which finally came in) from the airport
  • 6pm, met and finished the PowerPoint
  • 10:30-11:45pm, watched the Cavaliers game

–Ashley Micks and Larry Murphy