National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Technology Presentation Workshop

June 20, 2007

goCarpeDiem gave a public speaking presentation at the Ohio Aerospace Institute. The presentation included such topics as preparing for a speech, types of public speaking styles, ‘secrets’ of a good delivery, presentation presence, and engaging the audience. The presenters lectured, asked for volunteers to act out an example, and divided the audience into groups to brainstorm and present the results of memory maps.

goCarpeDiem argued that "one of the keys to becoming a successful public speaker is preparation." By creating visual tricks to remember the content of one’s speech, and visualizing a successful presentation, preparation builds confidence in one’s speech and one’s presentation abilities. Four types of public speaking were defined, including an extemporaneous speech, an impromptu speech, a manuscript speech, and an elevator pitch. 

–Jennifer L. Jones