National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

F-18 Take-Off

June 18, 2007

This morning, Kamara noticed an “interesting-looking” aircraft in the Glenn hangar, and after some investigation discovered that it was a Navy F-18 aircraft which was going to be taking off at 10 a.m. With short notice, the NASA Academy RAs assembled for an unanticipated quick briefing with the two F-18 pilots and a chance to ask the pilots questions, look around at the sleek aircraft, and watch the take-off.

The pilots explained to us the basics about the F-18, that it is an all-around fighter jet, and pointed out some of the weapons or at least where the weapons would go, since this new model did not have most weapons installed yet. We asked the pilots some questions about the aircraft’s durability and mission type, and also about the pilots themselves, their background and career paths.

Then it was finally time for the take-off itself, which was as exciting as we expected: the aircraft got off the ground very quickly, and it was very loud–when I got back to work the people in my building said they had heard the loud jet noise inside. 

—Rebecca Arvanites