National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Group Project Proposal

Design of a Probe Mission to an Earth-like Planet

Goals in Project Choice

  • Useful to NASA
  • Everyone can contribute something in their own field
  • Is of public interest

Overall Mission

  • Send a probe to Gliese 581 c
  • Explore the possibility of life there
  • Promote public interest in this mission and NASA in general

Our Tasks

  • Investigate past probe missions and NASA outreach projects
  • Design a mission plan in the form of a proposal for a larger NASA project
  • Create a plan for public outreach
  • Prepare a sample piece of outreach material

How Does It Benefit NASA?

  • “To explore the universe and search for life” with the probe
  • “To inspire the next generation of explorers” with exciting missions and outreach

Team Structure

  • Leadership will be ad hoc
  • Outreach: Ashley Micks
  • Propulsion: Kyle Gaiser, Jennifer Jones, Ashley Micks
  • Space Policy: Bernard Murphy, Rebecca Arvanites, Stephanie Vasicek, Adam Pfendt
  • Scientific Mission: Jessica Snyder, Stephanie Vasicek, Adam Pfendt
  • Autonomous Systems: Jessica Snyder, Rebecca Arvanites
  • Power: Kyle Gaiser, Jennifer Jones, Bernard Murphy

Project Advisors

  • Each sub-group will attempt to contact one, to meet with at least once. For example:
    • Cheryl Bowman, Lee Mason (nuclear power)
    • Marc Millis (breakthrough propulsion)

Ongoing Components

  • The outreach website will be accessible, but completed by the end of the 10 weeks
  • The probe mission itself, if adopted
  • The final report will be available online
  • Additional publications, if merited
  • Missions to other planets based on this model