National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Kamara Brown

Kamara BrownThe George Washington University
Washington, DC

Electrical Engineering, Mathematics
Bachelor of Science, Masters of Science

NASA Academy 2007 Operations Manager


Since the age of 3, I have always had an interest in space, communications, robotics, and public policy. How do you mix that? Easy — you study all of them as I realized that I can link my passions into an exciting calling. Earlier mentors and instructors appreciated my curiosity and openness to study different topics; they encouraged me to go into research. Along the way I decided to go into Electrical Engineering. Advances in areas like communications networks, GPS, wireless, and anything digital really make the world a more functional place. Could you live without your GPS, iPhone, or wireless device? Thank an Electrical Engineer for that!


have worked with the space industry since I was in junior high school and had the pleasure to work with fantastic experts that became lifelong career coaches. I have expertise in satellite communications engineering and nonprofit management as well as technical public affairs knowledge. I served as a part-time Research Associate with NASA Glenn with a focus on Ka-Band Atmospheric Calibration where I conducted statistical analysis of Ka-Band attenuation time series in support of designing Next Generation Deep-Space Network Antennas supporting NASA Ka-band communication links to near Earth (Moon) and deep space (Mars).

I also served as a Research Associate with the NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center and The John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, where I conducted a requirement assessment for designing the System Engineering Conceptual Design Laboratory (SE Lab). Additionally, as a NASA Academy research associate at NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center, I spearheaded a study on Artificial Intelligence technologies for future spacecraft vehicles. I investigated AI Bayesian and neural networks techniques for tracking and docking space vehicles purposes.

Early in my career, I worked on communication systems at NASA Glenn. My most notable position was when I was a part of the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite Program (ACTS) in its last phases of the mission. I provided satellite communication engineering, mission planning, and technical advice on the health, status, and command and control for the ACTS spacecraft with its engineers and experimenters.

Extra-Curricular Activities

I have served as President for NASA Academy Alumni Association since Dec 2006, prior to that I was our Vice President of Operations. My professional activities include active memberships in the Society of Satellite Professionals, The George Washington Space Society, and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer. I have an interest in different languages and cultures (Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish in the future) and I love practicing with Toastmasters International when I can. I also enjoy recruiting young professionals and students — especially young women — to appreciate Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. During my off-peak hours, you can also find me tuned in to politics and public policies (a lot of CNN, CSPAN, and Washington Post), reading great mystery books, and running. I love relaxing while watching a classic movie.