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Jessica G. Snyder

Jessica G. SnyderUniversity of Kansas
Lawrence, KS

Engineering Physics, Aerospace and Astronomy
Bachelor of Science, May 2009

NASA Academy Research Project

Human Power Generation in Space


I decided in the eighth grade that some day I would be an aerospace engineer. That goal never wavered and I am currently in pursuit of it at the University of Kansas. I have just finished my junior year, though I have two remaining. Upon entering college I made the decision to also study astronomy as a supplement to my engineering degree.


I have worked for the University of Kansas Physics Department for the last year and a half on a calorimeter which is currently being installed in the Large Hadron Collider. I was involved with finalizing the design, assembly, and initial beam tests.

Extra-Curricular Activities

I spend most of my free time at school participating in the Experimental Balloon Society, a student group which a group of my classmates and I formed two years ago to feed our interest in high altitude ballooning.

More than almost anything, I enjoy being outdoors. Growing up, family vacations were nearly always camping trips in Kansas and the Rockies. Early on, I developed a deep appreciation for the wilderness and would like to devote my extracurricular time to finding better methods of resource utilization and preservation. This desire has fueled my interest in alternative energy resources and led me to my current research project here at NASA Glenn.